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Any of various medium-sized to large birds of the family Corvidae, which includes crows, ravens, jays, and magpies.

[New Latin Corvidae, family name, Latin corvus, raven.]


(Animals) a member of the passerine bird family Corvidae, which includes the crows, magpies, and jays, and the raven, rook, and jackdaw
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AJA Video Systems also announced HDR10+ SDK support for its KONA 4, Io 4K, Io 4K Plus, and Corvid 4K developer cards.
BIRMINGHAM Law Society held a conference on the topical issue of cybercrime, in association with event sponsors Corvid and I-Secured.
Here we report another example of spontaneous alignment during feeding behaviour from five corvid species, a well-known and geographically widespread avian taxon.
Elijah staked it out in fleeing Ahab's hit men, earned his chops as what Myers calls "wilderness prophet," learning to live wily on the land in tutelage to corvid crews who brought him his food (1 kg 17:1-7).
Virginia Corvid is a former volunteer zine librarian who discovered Riot Grrrl through zines at ZAPP, the Zine Archive and Publishing Project in Seattle, WA.
Bat predation has been reported for another corvid species, the blue jay (Cyanocitta cristata; Hoffmeister and Downes, 1964).
AJA Video Systems has announced the addition of the Corvid HB-R, Corvid 44 BNC and fanless versions of its Corvid 44 and Corvid 88 cards to its family of Developer Program solutions.
Corvid WNV prevalence was highest in South Coast, the Bay/Delta, the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys, and Klamath/North Coast bioregions, overlapping areas of elevated WNV activity in other surveillance measurements.
Future studies assessing the susceptibility of the closely related hooded crow (Corvus cornix) to WNV may also prove to be insightful, as this is the more predominant corvid species in eastern and southeastern Europe, where WNV is more common.
The Raven segment of Encyclopedia of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico by Mark Cross is illustrated with The Reason Why along with her explanation of Raven calling her to the Southwest to draw and collect first person stories of interactions with this clever corvid and iconic spirit guide.