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also co·sy  (kō′zē)
adj. co·zi·er, co·zi·est also co·si·er or co·si·est
1. Snug, comfortable, and warm. See Synonyms at comfortable.
2. Marked by friendly intimacy: a cozy chat.
3. Informal Marked by close association for devious purposes: a cozy agreement with the competition.
v. co·zied, co·zy·ing, co·zies also co·sied or co·sy·ing or co·sies
1. To make oneself snug and comfortable: cozy up with the Sunday paper.
2. Informal To try to get on friendly or intimate terms; ingratiate oneself: "out on the ... hustings, cozying up to reactionaries and racists alike" (Chuck Stone).
Informal To cause to appear comfortable or conducive to intimacy: added some pillows to cozy up the room.
n. pl. co·zies also co·sies
1. A padded or knitted covering placed over an item, especially a teapot, to keep it hot.
2. A hollow cylindrical holder, usually made of foam rubber or a similar soft material, used to keep a beverage cold while being held.

[Probably of Scandinavian origin.]

co′zi·ly adv.
co′zi·ness n.
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(Crafts) obsolete a cobbler
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The weather was too bad, and the shop was cosier than the streets.
Mr Simpson said: "Living in fuel poverty is a harsh reality for too many families and it is great to know that they are now living in warmer, cosier homes with greatly reduced fuel bills.
IT doesn't get much cosier than this faux fur throw by River Island.
Other natural materials, like suede, cotton and fur, will all look great alongside each Layer your rugs too Rugs make an exposed wood floor much softer and cosier in a bedroom.
let your wardrobe be inspired by the colours of the season 1 turn to rust What could be cosier than a faux fur jacket?
let your wardrobe be inspired by the colours of the season turn to rust What could be cosier than a faux fur jacket?
We grew up secure in our response to "Nice to see you", "Nothing for a pair" and "What do points make?" It's possibly an illusion but life seemed a cosier, comfier place when you'd just had sausage and chips for your tea on a Saturday night and the whole family - mum, dad, brothers and sisters - were lined up in front of Bruce on the telly.
Plush the boat out with these buys 1 simply the vest Team this pink cami with slinky jeans for an easy evening look, currently PS16.50 from PS22, Dorothy Perkins 2 girls n' the hood What could be cosier than a velvet hoodie?
FOR 10 UNDER PS20 Temperatures will soon start dropping so cosy up to these bargains, writes EMMA JOHNSON 1 PETAL POWER This floral embroidered hat is our pick of the beanie bunch, PS16, River Island 2 CHECK YOURSELF Tartan up gents with this Your Turn scarf, PS11.99, 3 BLANKET COVERAGE Stay wrapped up in this waterfall cardigan now reduced from PS60 to PS18, French Connection ( 4 WIZARDS OF OZ Keep feet snug in these sheepskin Aussie boots, PS15, Wynsors ( 5 CABLE GUY Little boys will be toasty warm this crew neck jumper, PS13-14, (3mths-6yrs), Next 6 HANDS ON Be in the pink with these J by Jasper Conran knitted gloves, PS16, Debenhams 7 HOTFOOT IT Did you ever see cosier slippers than these?
Editors Cosier and Ashby present a collection of academic essays and professional perspectives on the construction of a framework for analyzing and addressing policy and practices at the intersection of disability and teacher education.
But what I love about my girls is that when the partition went up in the lounge they immediately ran around saying they preferred it because it was cosier.
Generally warmer colours create a cosier atmosphere making a space feel smaller.