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tr.v. co·signed, co·sign·ing, co·signs
1. To sign (a document) jointly.
2. To endorse (another's signature), as for a loan.

co·sign′er n.


1. (tr) to sign (a document) jointly
2. (Banking & Finance) (intr) banking to sign a document that has already been signed by a borrower of money, declaring that, should the borrower be unable to repay that money, the signer will repay the amount due


(ˈkoʊˌsaɪn, koʊˈsaɪn)

v.i., v.t.
to sign as a cosigner.
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Verb1.cosign - sign jointly; "Husband and wife co-signed the lease"
validate, formalise, formalize - declare or make legally valid
2.cosign - sign and endorse (another person's signature), as for a loan
endorse, indorse - sign as evidence of legal transfer; "endorse cheques"
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Leading suppliers like NextDocs, ePharma Solutions, EntraLogix, Perceptive Informatics (PAREXEL), and InnovoCommerce have all integrated CoSign with their Investigator Portal software or SaaS offerings.
With CoSign enabling us to sign-off on experiments, we're able to enjoy the full benefits of our ELN solution and keep our documentation digital throughout its full lifecycle.
With CoSign, enterprises of all sizes automate their signature-dependent processes while maintaining compliance with regulations, audit requirements, and security policies.
With CoSign, enterprises of all sizes can automate and streamline their signature-dependent processes while maintaining proper controls, as well as compliance with regulations, audit requirements, and security policies.
With CoSign digital signatures for clinical operations, Westat's CRAs and other Clinical Trials professionals can quickly and compliantly sign off on site monitoring reports, IRB forms, training requirements forms and more.
has integrated CoSign into its combined eTMF (electronic Trial Master File) and Investigator Portal solution
CoSign is a registered trademark and CoSign PSF is a trademark of Algorithmic Research, Ltd.
The results Black & Veatch is achieving with CoSign shows what can happen when engineers embrace a technology that is specifically designed to meet their most crucial needs," says Rodd Schlerf, VP of Sales, ARX.
B2C businesses that use ARX's CoSign digital signature solution now have the option to proof the identities of their customers online via RSA's knowledge-based Identity Verification service.
Grow Biz International develops and franchises value-oriented retail concepts for stores that sell, buy, trade, and cosign used and new merchandise.
CoSign also plugs into an organization's pre-existing infrastructure for user management including Microsoft Active Directory, IBM Tivoli, Oracle OID/OVD, Novell eDirectory, and LDAPs.