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A cosmetic that has or is purported to have medicinal properties.

cos′me·ceu′ti·cal adj.


a cosmetic that has, or is claimed to have, pharmaceutical properties
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com)-- Singapore-based cosmeceutical skincare line Dr.
The growing concern on the appearance and high aesthetic consciousness is driving the European cosmeceutical market, which was estimated at US$ 6.
If a product label shows things like botanical and marine extracts, peptides, vitamins it would be aptly labelled as a cosmeceutical.
Baldwin, "evidence suggests that patients were also using [the botanical extract treatment] more because there was a preference for that," indicating the increasing desire for more natural, cosmeceutical approaches to treating skin ailments by the general public.
They also discuss decorative cosmetics; hair cosmetics and cosmeceuticals; moisturizers; cosmeceutical treatment of the nail; botanicals and cosmeceutical for sun protection; UV care; topical vitamins E, C, and ferulic acid and topical L-selenomethionine; the use of cosmeceuticals in rosacea, androgenetic alopecia, eczema, xerosis, cutaneous barrier repair, oily skin, seborrhea, seborrheic dermatitis, purpura, and vitiligo; melasma and depigmentation agents; botanical extracts; biomarine actives; analytical chemistry for botanical extracts; and the legal distinction in the US between a cosmetic and a drug.
Advancements in technology and the emergence of new and herbal ingredients have further contributed to the commercialization of cosmeceutical products worldwide.
Nearly one in five (1S%) American women have undergone one or more nonsurgical cosmetic treatments, an increase of four percentage points in two years, according to Multi-sponsor Surveys' 2013 Cosmeceutical Update.
The ingredients cater to the broad palette of applications in the cosmeceutical and personal care range that includes anti-aging, anti-acne, calming, hydration, skin brightening and hair nourishment and support.
An international group of researchers in various sciences addresses the biological activities of different marine sources and the class of cosmeceutical agents they might deliver; the chemical properties of marine cosmeceuticals, with emphasis on chitosan as an agent; the biological properties and bioactive promise of the ocean for cosmetology, with a focus on marine fish and sponge-derived collagens and alternatives to existing cosmeceuticals for skin whitening, antiwrinkling, photo protection, tissue repair, antiacne, and hair growth; different strategies for enhanced cosmeceutical production through biotechnology; and industrial applications, including aquatic and marine bioactive antimicrobial peptides.
14 November 2011 - US biotechnology firm Proteonomix Inc (OTCBB:PROT) said on Friday its Matrix NC-138 cosmeceutical product had been cleared by the Cosmetic Ingredients Review Board (CIR) and had been issued an INCI name, thus enabling the company to commercialise the product in the USA.
Cosmeceutical products supplier Enhance Skin Products Inc (OTCBB:EHSK.
Beauty expert Cole Saad suggested that the difference between a cosmetic and a cosmeceutical is that, by definition, a cosmetic is topical and cannot alter the skin in any way, whereas a cosmeceutical should have a beneficial effect, such as penetrating or rebuilding tissue.