cosmetic dentistry

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Noun1.cosmetic dentistry - the branch of dentistry dealing with the appearance of the teeth
dental medicine, dentistry, odontology - the branch of medicine dealing with the anatomy and development and diseases of the teeth
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The growth of the restorative devices market is primarily attributed due to the rising demand for cosmetic dentistry, rising prevalence of tooth decay, and technological developments in restorative dentistry.
The two practices joining the Marquee Dental family are Shabo Smile Dental Studio and Cosmetic Dentistry.
Dental services include dental implants, root canal -- endodontic, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, laser dentistry, dentures and smile makeover.
The clinic offers an array of world-class treatment, using a surfeit of cutting-edge equipment - some of them include; Invisalign, endodontic treatment, Digital Smile Design, cosmetic dentistry, implants, Hollywood smile, among others.
WORLD CLASS SMILE MAKEOVERS As an expert in cosmetic dentistry, Dr McLean works with a team of highly experienced dentists who use their multidisciplinary experience to provide world-class smile makeovers uniquely catered to each of Kissdental's patients.
Cosmetic Dentistry is one of the specializations of Addison Dental.
Dr Richard Coates, of Newcastle and Sunderland's Riveredge Cosmetic Dentistry, warned it is fizzing away our teeth.
The demand for cosmetic dentistry in Dubai, especially for the so-called 'Hollywood Smile', is three times more than in Lebanon, one expert has said.
The NSDCC provides dental specialties services that include dental implants, crowns and bridges, geriatric dentistry, dentistry for children, cosmetic dentistry, sports-related dentistry, dental hygiene, laser dentistry, orthodontics and root canal treatment.