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Noun1.cosmetic surgeon - a surgeon who beautifies the body (especially the face)cosmetic surgeon - a surgeon who beautifies the body (especially the face)
operating surgeon, sawbones, surgeon - a physician who specializes in surgery
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Secret recording by Web cams could make or break careers like that of Hayden Kho, a prominent young Filipino male cosmetic surgeon and actor who made the mistake of recording his bedroom trysts with two starlets.
Citing the reason behind this trend, the cosmetic surgeon said, "It is in their teen years that young boys and girls start noticing themselves and the process of comparison among the peer group starts.
Samir Pancholi, a cosmetic surgeon in Las Vegas, has seen an increase in demand for non-surgical or minimally invasive options among patients who want give their appearance a boost but don't need surgery, or prefer to avoid the cost and downtime of more invasive procedures.
Many clients do not know what to look for in a cosmetic surgeon who offers the abdominoplasty procedure in Tennessee.
The trend has increased over the past few years because of peer pressure and also an inherent desire to look good," senior cosmetic surgeon at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad told.
Cosmetic surgeon Dr Chua Jun Jin said that most of those opting for the procedure were professionals, both single and married.
But cosmetic surgeon Dr Aamer Khan from London's Harley Street Skin clinic suggested Louis' smooth forehead could be the result of a new Botox treatment.
I was told to see a cosmetic surgeon for laser therapy.
Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon James Murphy, a founder member of Liberate, said:
COSMETIC surgeon Paul Baguley is expanding his business on Teesside with the launch of Define Cosmetic Surgery in Yarm.
Before joining the BA course in Laxmi Bai College, she went to a cosmetic surgeon and shopped for a pout
But this is a result of the contract between the patient and the cosmetic surgeon.