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n. Genetics
An artificially constructed plasmid used for cloning large genes or other DNA sequences.

[Blend of cos (sequence), sequence of DNA allowing the cosmid to form as a circle (short for cohesive ends) and plasmid.]


a large plasmid that is used as a cloning vector and is able to clone large segments of DNA
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Noun1.cosmid - (genetics) a large vector that is made from a bacteriophage and used to clone genes or gene fragments
vector - (genetics) a virus or other agent that is used to deliver DNA to a cell
genetic science, genetics - the branch of biology that studies heredity and variation in organisms
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COSMID study showed that all patients were of lipids and off diabetic medications.
05 cM) of the molecular map around the gene will be attained with the screening of a 2000 individual segregating population with AFLP markers Besides, a BAC genomic library and a cosmid library will be creened in order to identify clones positive for the markers linked to Ry to start the chromosome walking in the region and to find a BAC clone which contain molecular markers placed at both sides of the gene
Physical assignments of 68 porcine cosmid and lambda clones containing polymorphic microsatellites.
A cosmid library was constructed from the WGA product of a sample containing two bacterial cells, one a member of the candidate phylum Poribacteria and one of a sponge-specific Glade of Chloroflexi.
A cosmid DNA library was constructed by using pWEB kit (Epicenter Biotechnologies, Madison, WI, USA) by following protocols described elsewhere (7).
A cosmid clone, pOK40, which complements the mutant K818, was isolated from a genomic library of the parent strain.
Interphase molecular cytogenetics of Ewing's sarcoma and peripheral neuroepithelioma t(11;22) with flanking and overlapping cosmid probes.
Identification of Mycobacterium leprae from a cosmid library: characterization of a kilodalton antigen that is recognized by both humoral and cellular immune system in leprosy patients.
Cosmid pVFsp4 (40 kb) (12) and plasmids pCMV62 (10 kb) (13), pSDK (5 kb)(14) and pUC19 (2.
Designed to increase connector density in 75 ohm telecom applications, Cannon's CoSMID (Coax Surface Mount Interconnect Device) incorporates a unique plastic housing that can be selectively plated and molded into two, three or four coax port modules.