cost cutting

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Noun1.cost cutting - the act of cutting costscost cutting - the act of cutting costs    
cut - the act of reducing the amount or number; "the mayor proposed extensive cuts in the city budget"
chasse aux coûts
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In an interview with Bloomberg Television, CEO, Brian Moynihan, said that the bank would have to pursue more cost cutting measures, including job cuts, in order to continue to report profits.
In India most of the cost cutting exercise is implemented on the operation side.
that the Swiss bank is slashing its physical security headcount and operations, as well as paring back its internal security division, leading to a number of processes being redistributed as part of its overall cost cutting target.
In any case, most organisations have indicated poor outcomes on profitability so far from cost cutting measures.
Reports yesterday suggested car unions would be told today a fresh round of cost cutting would be announced in a bid to counter falling car sales.
Identify the target for cost cutting, perform the appropriate action and move on.
Nissan Korea, a subsidiary of Nissan Motor Company (NASDAQ: NSANY) (TYO: 7201), is increasing its cost cutting efforts to deal with the decline in sales.
Helsinki: NOK1V) is planning to implement cost cutting measures that will affect 1,700 jobs, the company announced on Tuesday (17 March).
The cost cutting is intended as a short-term strategy until the organization gets to the final step: reclaiming revenues either through a pickup in the business cycle or, when the revenues will not return (for example because of obsolescence), through reorganizing and focusing on alternative revenue streams.
With the adoption of this inkjet production method, DNP aims to forge ahead with the expansion of more efficient production capabilities, and cost cutting solutions, while also achieving the kind of highly pure colors that were not previously available with photolithographic techniques.
Translated to cost cutting, that means you're going to have to create and then sell a new culture to your management--and who better to undertake that project than any organization's accountants.
McDermott believes that the industry has become very good at cost cutting and at facing investor pressures to increase shareholder value.