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Noun1.cost overrun - excess of cost over budget; "the cost overrun necessitated an additional allocation of funds in the budget"
cost - the total spent for goods or services including money and time and labor
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Jean-Sebastien Jacques said, according to FT: "We have a watching brief and we will look at opportunities if they make sense from a valuation creation standpoint." The decline in Turquoise Hill shares since the company revealed a cost overrun and delays on a big underground expansion project at Oyu Tolgoi has fueled speculation that Rio might buy the shares it does not already own, the report noted.
THE [euro]450million cost overrun at the National Children's Hospital is a gross mismanagement of taxpayers' money.
Further investigations also revealed that part of the cost overrun threatening to overshoot the $1.5bn Lagos-Ibadan standard gauge rail project includes: Apapa port rail sidings initially budgeted at 2.4km, but now estimated at 6.4km.
Cost overrun is defined as additional costs over and above the approved project cost of the Investment Coordination Committee (ICC).
The railway linking Islam's holiest cities, which was initially scheduled to open at the end of 2016, had a cost overrun of 210 million euros, which Saudi Arabia has agreed to pay, the Al-Shoula consortium added in a statement.
New Delhi: A total of 356 infrastructure projects, each worth Rs 150 crore or above, have shown cost overrun of Rs 2.19 lakh crore owing to delays and other reasons, as per report.
Ma (2011) defined cost overrun as an unexpected cost incurred in excess of an estimated amount due to an under-estimation of the actual cost.
Program success is defined by avoidance of cost overrun, avoidance of performance breach, or avoidance of schedule breach.
A senior official confirmed that the meeting was held in the backdrop of concerns expressed by the Prime Minister's Office ( PMO) on time and cost overrun in completion of big- ticket projects.
In 2013, Wayne County in Michigan canceled its deal with construction firm AECOM Technical Services halfway through construction of a jail after it learned of a $47 million cost overrun.
An international consortium at loggerheads with Panama over work to expand the Panama Canal has presented a proposal to end a dispute over a $1.6 billion cost overrun, the group said late Thursday.
The European companies in conflict with the Panama Canal Authority over a cost overrun formed a unified front, on 23 January, before entering in crucial talks to settle the dispute.