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"Owners are well aware that today's cost-conscious firms have the ability to locate elsewhere, and have been helping to maintain moderate rental growth," said Ravesloot.
Other cost-conscious measures to consider: the cost of living on the island you want to visit.
IN recent years, hedge trimmer products have been dominated by cost-conscious Continental manufacturers,but British firm McConnel is fighting back with its latest launch.
The DDS replacement market was created when DDS (DAT) technology manufacturers announced they would not develop the next-generation DDS product, leaving millions of cost-conscious DDS users in need of a new tape storage product alternative.
Tesco and Asda have already announced major price cutting programmes this year and Safeway are now desperately trying to catch up and stem the loss of cost-conscious shoppers.
In marked contrast to cost-conscious Northerners, motorists in the capital see cars as more than mere transport.
Cost-conscious corporations are not only down-sizing their staffs, they are cutting both amount and cost of their workspaces.
RAID offers users data redundancy, fast access, drive hot-swapping capabilities, as well as a high cost per megabyte, making a RAID-only SAN solution too expensive for implementation into many of today's cost-conscious organizations.
As finance director of BTR the hard-working 39-year-old won favour with senior managers for her cost-conscious initiatives.
Economic recovery in the state is fostering some long-needed job growth, and, with New York City's space supply tightening and rents firming, New Jersey continues to be a bargain to cost-conscious New York CFOs.
A sour economy, an oversupply of office space, the advent of institutional owners and other new market realities have given birth to managers that are more sophisticated more cost-conscious and more attentive to service and amenities.
Companies are now more cost-conscious than ever before, and they are choosing knowledgeable professionals to assist with real estate decisions rather than someone who just shows space.