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an actor or actress who shares star billing with another; a performer whose status is slightly below that of a star: She is the costar of the film. (also co-star)
Not to be confused with:
coaster – a coasting sled or toboggan; a vessel engaged in coastal trade; a disk placed under an object to protect the surface below: Please place a coaster under your glass.


also co-star  (kō′stär′)
A starring actor or actress given equal status with another or others in a play, film, or television series.
tr. & intr.v. co·starred, co·star·ring, co·stars
To act or present as a costar.


or co-star

(n. ˈkoʊˌstɑr; v. -ˈstɑr)

n., v. -starred, -star•ring. n.
1. a performer who shares star billing with another.
2. a performer whose status is slightly below that of a star.
3. to be or have billing as a costar.
4. to present or bill as a costar or costars.
References in classic literature ?
Costar, has made the same observation as you have, and he calls the process by some Greek name which I forget."
CoStar said Realla has been successful at creating the UK's largest commercial property-specific listings platform, with good brand recognition and excellent traffic.
CoStar CEO Andrew Florance remarks, "We believe that the two companies now together are uniquely capable of providing invaluable new services to both apartment seekers and apartment owners."
that one of its largest clients, Transwestern, has signed a new national agreement for CoStar's information services.
"CoStar and LoopNet have been at the cutting edge of innovation in their respective businesses, and we believe the two companies will be even stronger together," said Richard Boyle, Chairman and CEO of LoopNet.
"We want to capture market share from Loopnet, Costar and the New York Times."
"This movie could not get arrested when we were running around trying to get money for it We're really ecstatic." Happy Endings costars Steve Coogan and David Sutcliffe as a gay couple, Laura Dern and Sarah Clarke as lesbians, and Jason Ritter as a sexually confused man with Maggie Gyllenhaal as the girl who helps him "decide."
CoStar Group provides information services to commercial real estate firms in the United States and the United Kingdom.
While one side feels COSTAR would improve the trhee instruments' performance, the other side would rather reserve COSTAR's projected budget on the chance the money may be needed to guarantee the timely completion of two already planned "second-generation" instruments.
Costar is financing the transaction with proceeds from a new credit facility with UMB Bank.
In order to be selected for the honor, Cresa Wisconsin's overall transaction volumes were evaluated by CoStar against other commercial real estate brokerage firms active in each region, and subsequently ranked among the top firms in each market.