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1. An amount paid or required in payment for a purchase; a price.
2. The expenditure of something, such as time or labor, necessary for the attainment of a goal: "Freedom to advocate unpopular causes does not require that such advocacy be without cost" (Milton Friedman).
3. costs Law Charges incurred in bringing litigation, including court fees and charges that may be payable by the losing party, but usually not including attorneys' fees.
v. cost, cost·ing, costs
To require a specified payment, expenditure, effort, or loss: It costs more to live in the city.
1. To have as a price.
2. To cause to lose, suffer, or sacrifice: Participating in the strike cost me my job.
3. past tense and past participle costed To estimate or determine the cost of: The accountants costed out our expenses.
at all costs
Regardless of the expense or effort involved; by any means.

[Middle English, from Old French, from coster, to cost, from Latin cōnstāre, to be fixed, cost; see constant.]

cost′less adj.
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Adj.1.costless - costing nothing; "complimentary tickets"; "free admission"
unpaid - not paid; "unpaid wages"; "an unpaid bill"
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"If installed solar capacity could be costlessly reallocated across states, annual total capacity benefits would increase by as much as $1.3 billion, reflecting predominantly gains in environmental benefits," the researchers conclude.
Salam's argument resembles progressive claims that America could costlessly innovate its way to a more prosperous green future if only fossil fuels were banned.
(7) As opposed to the good, money is durable in the sense that it can be stored costlessly from one date to the next.
The code that governs the operation of a cryptocurrency is open source, i.e., it is publicly available at no cost and can therefore be costlessly replicated many times.
The transaction costs relevant here are those resulting from a lack of trust, not the ability to enter contracts instantaneously and costlessly.
Moreover, the frictional difficulties associated with the end of the transition period--no decision as bad as that to join what was then the EEC in the first place can be reversed totally costlessly, however great the costs of not reversing it would be--would be felt just a year before the next scheduled general election.
Eusepi and Wagner make the important observation that as "a practical matter of democratic operation, the ideal of a cooperative democracy is surely limited to relatively small-scale democracies," which is why they work with the example of a town "that contains a few thousand people at most, and where people can easily and nearly costlessly move somewhere else if they choose to do so" (p.
The extreme example is a monopoly, in which a single firm serves the whole market and is able to immediately and costlessly profit from the absence of competition by naming its price.
We also assume that the firm can costlessly hedge its entire exposure to risk [Z.sub.t+i] at a forward price equal to the expected spot price.
Accordingly, we will consider three cases, all of which are of practical importance in some settings: when prospective injurers cannot foresee the precise harm they will cause but only average harm; when they can perfectly and costlessly foresee the precise harm; and when they can do so but only if they incur a cost.
If one can costlessly impose a small loss on others by withholding esteem, or costlessly impose a small gain by granting esteem, there is no incentive to free ride'.
Of course, there would still be court costs to prosecute the fraudulent voters, but the deterrent effect of a higher fine would costlessly reduce the number of potential fraudulent voters and reduce monitoring costs.