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a. costoclavicular, rel. a las costillas y la clavícula.
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El paso del CVC insertado por vena subclavia a traves de la pinza costoclavicular suele ser responsable de esta ruptura.
Depression of the scapulae may lead to compression of the costoclavicular space, and thus obstruct the distal subclavian artery (SA).
Another approach to the infraclavicular block is the costoclavicular technique, which blocks the brachial plexus at the mid infraclavicular fossa, located under the midpoint of the clavicle.
The methods described for stabilizing these physeal fractures are quite different including fixation by Kirschner wires [21], anterior plating [17, 28], or various suture techniques such as costoclavicular cerclage or tenodesis [14], repair of the costoclavicular and sternoclavicular ligaments [13, 23], transosseous fixation in a figure-of-eight manner of the clavicular metaphysis to the intact epiphysis [25, 29], or suturing the clavicle to the manubrium [18, 26, 30, 31].
There were normal radial pulses bilaterally for thoracic outlet syndrome in the scalene, costoclavicular, and pectoralis minor/clavipcctoral fascia humeral maneuvers.
Descriptive anatomy of the interscalene triangle and the costoclavicular space and their relationship to thoracic outlet syndrome: a study of 60 cadavers.
And if this were not enough, UCS also increases the likelihood of all three myofascial forms of thoracic outlet syndrome: pectoralis minor syndrome, costoclavicular syndrome, and anterior scalene syndrome.
In the upper extremities, these areas include the subclavian vein at the costoclavicular junction and the left brachiocephalic vein as it crosses a relatively fixed, pulsatile fulcrum of brachiocephalic artery and aorta.
Incidence of clavicular rhomboid fossa (impression for costoclavicular ligament) in the Brazilian population: forensic application.
The three compartments are interscalene triangle, costoclavicular space, and retropectoralis minor space.
Numerous factors can lead to its extrinsic compression, including anomalous subclavius or scalenus anterior, a long transverse process of the cervical spine, cervical rib, abnormal insertion of the first rib, congenital fibromuscular bands, or narrowing of the costoclavicular space from the depression of the shoulder [3,10].
(1, 2, 6) The trunks course supero-posterior to the subclavian artery and each divides into anterior and posterior divisions in the costoclavicular triangle.