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a. costoclavicular, rel. a las costillas y la clavícula.
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This reaction shows poor understanding of the underlying pathophysiology, which is the external constriction by the congenitally abnormal lateral insertion of the costoclavicular ligament.
It is bounded superiorly by the clavicle, inferiorly by the first rib, anteromedially by the costoclavicular ligament, and posterolaterally by the scalenus medius muscle and the long thoracic nerve.
Males show a similar pattern of muscle utilization but the costoclavicular ligament is the most-utilized male muscle with a mean difference of 3.
It usually occurs after medial intrathoracic puncture of the subclavian vein and results in damaging of the pacemaker lead body by entrapment within the costoclavicular ligament and/or the subclavian muscle (3, 4).