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Noun1.costume designer - someone who designs or supplies costumes (as for a play or masquerade)costume designer - someone who designs or supplies costumes (as for a play or masquerade)
clothes designer, couturier, fashion designer, designer - someone who designs clothing
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Costumes (1) Dancer, costume designer, and sculptor Annie Hickman weaves the magic of the creature world into her exquisite costumes with basketry materials and fabrics.
Updating Verdi's revenge drama was all about fashion, says out costume designer Johann Stegmeir: "We're going to capture a certain star quality, sexiness, and glamour.
He was also director and costume designer for the 1984 revival.
In an article that appeared in The Oregonian in January, the busy schedules of the four collaborators--Canfield; composer Thomas Lauderdale; set designer Malia Jensen; and costume designer Storm Tharp--were said to be stalling the scheduled March premiere.
And it gives a glimpse into his partnership with costume designer Ray Aghayan, who hired him as an assistant on The Judy Garland Show in the '60s.
Mad Men" costume designer Janie Bryant knows that while living up to the fashion expectations that comes with the Madison Avenue address is important, she tends to focus her efforts on having the characters remain realistic.
Bidgood, a former costume designer for Junior League balls in Manhattan, found his metier in Muscle Teens, Demi-Gods, and ether physique magazines, for which he shot erotic stills of slim bodybuilders clad in the same Mardi Gras costumes he'd designed for society matrons--though in rather more revealing postures.