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 (kŏs′to͞o′mər, -tyo͞o′-, kŏ-sto͞o′mər, -styo͞o′-)
1. One that makes or supplies costumes, as for plays or masquerades.
2. A clothes tree.
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(ˈkɒs tu mər, -tyu-; kɒˈstu mər, -ˈstyu-)

1. a person who makes, sells, or rents costumes, as for theatrical productions.
2. a clothes tree.
[1860–65, Amer.]
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Noun1.costumer - someone who designs or supplies costumes (as for a play or masquerade)costumer - someone who designs or supplies costumes (as for a play or masquerade)
clothes designer, couturier, fashion designer, designer - someone who designs clothing
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[ˈkɒstjuːmər] n (US)costumier/ère m/f
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A plaid shawl borrowed from the washerwoman, a ragged scrubbing skirt borrowed from the charwoman, and a gray wig rented from a costumer for twenty-five cents a night, completed the outfit; for Edna had elected to be an old Irishwoman singing broken-heartedly after her wandering boy.
The letter, addressed to the 'costumer' from Mr Smith at 'Barclays', was posted on the Cheshire police Facebook page.
'Pinost ko itu para ma aware sila at baguhin nila ang pakitungo nila sa kanilang valued costumer andami pa namang Pinoy tapos ang pakitungo nila is very rude,' Cantiveros said via Instagram on April 23.
On working with ( Markle , specifically, the costumer recalled, "She was lovely.
Next they inform their "costumer" that debit cards have been catching fire in people wallets and that they are ordering an "URGENT safety recall" as a "precushion".
This page will be shown on costumer's login and registration pages.
Noor Mohammad Lakho appeal to the shopkeepers that huge money is being utilized for you and costumer facilitation but due to carelessness and encroachment the drainage system is not constructing properly.
It is customized because it would be tailored fit for the preference of the costumer. It is like you're on your own perfume,' Muhammad said.
There are many instances where the customer orders a product and the payment is transferred successfully but as soon as the delivery date arrives, the costumer is informed that the delivery cannot be made and a refund would be provided.
Social media in particular has expanded the possible communication channels and encouraged companies to try new tactics for maintaining costumer loyalty.
Soon after he attacking a costumer representative and getting her on the ground.
Each costumer will also receive 22k gold coins in instant gifts on purchase of Dh3,500 gold and Dh1,500 diamond in multiples.