(kŏ-sto͞o′mə-rē, -styo͞o′-)
1. Articles of costume considered as a group.
2. The art of costuming.


(Clothing & Fashion) multiple costumes considered collectively


(kɒˈstu mə ri, -ˈstyu-)

1. items of costume.
2. the art of designing or providing costumes.
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The set and lighting were basic but sufficient and some delightful costumery helped make sense of who was meant to be who.
This past March, the pit was filled by the COC Orchestra, but onstage were 17 tons of Ming-era temple, along with what looked like another ton's worth of elaborate costumery.
Bentley next examines the blend of historical detail and psychological exploration in Rossetti's early poetic fragment "The Bride's Prelude," noting its sources in accounts of medieval costumery as well as Victor Hugo's Notre-Dame de Paris.
A brick wall at the entrance glittered with gold paint, in homage to Byars's use of gold throughout his career--from his costumery of gold lame to his gilding of the curb in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (The Gold Curb, 1970) to the gold leaf-embossed tomb of The Death of James Lee Byars, 1982/1994.
I was not interested in the costumery of the 1920s in Brooklyn, but in getting to know the characters who happened to live there in that time.
Be a part of what has become a phenomenon with all sorts of eerie, creepy, bloody and down right zany costumery and some excellent 'surfmanship' while grappling with uncooperative costumes
Take the latest dust-up about the costumery for American athletes at the Olympics this summer in London.
Ann Black and friends from Co Armagh, nd friends magh, dressed in elegant Edwardian costumery, added a splash of colour to the sedate atmosphere of the ribboncutting ceremony.
The recreation of the Viking period is very much a game of pageantry and costumery, all of it delivered in a stilted and laboured prose.
The characters are folks you encounter in everyday life, even if they might be wrapped up in the costumery - OK, that's an interesting word
Director Jo Davies and her team conjure up an impeccable sense of comic nostalgia, with Victorian disappearing acts and some seriously frivolous costumery.
part museum, part retail store, it's got amazing books, supplies, and equipment for needlework, costumery, and lace making.