(kŏ-sto͞o′mə-rē, -styo͞o′-)
1. Articles of costume considered as a group.
2. The art of costuming.


(Clothing & Fashion) multiple costumes considered collectively


(kɒˈstu mə ri, -ˈstyu-)

1. items of costume.
2. the art of designing or providing costumes.
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We saw it together, but the glory of it seemed to be lost on them because since they had to read it in subtitles (never a great way to enjoy a vengeful snake lady), they got caught up in the kitsch of the sets and costumery.
The previous academic year had begun with Yale students surrounding residential college master Nicholas Christakis and shouting about how his wife's opinions on Halloween costumery made them feel unsafe; it ended with Evergreen State College students surrounding professor Bret Weinstein and shouting about how his opinions on student activism made them feel unsafe.
In addition to the duck costumery, there is no shortage of explosive revelations in Brazile's freshly released book, "Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House.
She said that shironuri is a newer street style that edges toward costumery, making it an ideal theme for each outfit category.
GERMAN Moreno called for the conservation of the Metropolitan Theater while actor Xian Lim proudly posed before a large fantasy portrait of a woman in Renaissance costumery he himself had painted.
The set and lighting were basic but sufficient and some delightful costumery helped make sense of who was meant to be who.
Da Corte's installations are intricately constructed from an improbable range of objects and references: John Carpenter B-movie horror schlock, party-store costumery, handmade reproductions of the artist's family heirlooms, cheap commercial products (Goya juices and V05 shampoos), and other people's art--all metastasizing into a preternaturally photogenic fever-dream cosmology.
This past March, the pit was filled by the COC Orchestra, but onstage were 17 tons of Ming-era temple, along with what looked like another ton's worth of elaborate costumery.
Bentley next examines the blend of historical detail and psychological exploration in Rossetti's early poetic fragment "The Bride's Prelude," noting its sources in accounts of medieval costumery as well as Victor Hugo's Notre-Dame de Paris.
Hawthorne's extensive descriptions of Zenobia's, Priscilla's, and Westervelt's dress suggest that he is emphasizing masque forms of costumery as central to the overall mise-en-scene.
Japanese brands are increasingly popular internationally as overseas artists use them for costumery.
I was not interested in the costumery of the 1920s in Brooklyn, but in getting to know the characters who happened to live there in that time.