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cote 1

A small shed or shelter for sheep or birds.

[Middle English, from Old English.]

cote 2

tr.v. cot·ed, cot·ing, cotes Obsolete
To go around by the side of; skirt.

[Probably from French côtoyer, to skirt, from côté, side, from Old French coste, rib; see costrel.]


(kəʊt) or


1. (Agriculture)
a. a small shelter for pigeons, sheep, etc
b. (in combination): dovecote.
2. (Architecture) dialect chiefly Brit a small cottage
[Old English cote; related to Low German Kote; see cot2]


(tr) archaic to pass by, outstrip, or surpass
[C16: perhaps from Old French costoier to run alongside, from coste side; see coast]



1. a coop or shed for sheep, pigs, pigeons, etc.
2. Brit. Dial. cottage.
[before 1050; Middle English, Old English cote (feminine; compare cot2)]



v.t. Obs.
to pass by.
[1565–75; orig. uncertain]


Past participle: coted
Gerund: coting

I cote
you cote
he/she/it cotes
we cote
you cote
they cote
I coted
you coted
he/she/it coted
we coted
you coted
they coted
Present Continuous
I am coting
you are coting
he/she/it is coting
we are coting
you are coting
they are coting
Present Perfect
I have coted
you have coted
he/she/it has coted
we have coted
you have coted
they have coted
Past Continuous
I was coting
you were coting
he/she/it was coting
we were coting
you were coting
they were coting
Past Perfect
I had coted
you had coted
he/she/it had coted
we had coted
you had coted
they had coted
I will cote
you will cote
he/she/it will cote
we will cote
you will cote
they will cote
Future Perfect
I will have coted
you will have coted
he/she/it will have coted
we will have coted
you will have coted
they will have coted
Future Continuous
I will be coting
you will be coting
he/she/it will be coting
we will be coting
you will be coting
they will be coting
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been coting
you have been coting
he/she/it has been coting
we have been coting
you have been coting
they have been coting
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been coting
you will have been coting
he/she/it will have been coting
we will have been coting
you will have been coting
they will have been coting
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been coting
you had been coting
he/she/it had been coting
we had been coting
you had been coting
they had been coting
I would cote
you would cote
he/she/it would cote
we would cote
you would cote
they would cote
Past Conditional
I would have coted
you would have coted
he/she/it would have coted
we would have coted
you would have coted
they would have coted
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Noun1.cote - a small shelter for domestic animals (as sheep or pigeons)cote - a small shelter for domestic animals (as sheep or pigeons)
shelter - protective covering that provides protection from the weather


n (= dovecote)Taubenschlag m; (= sheepcote)Schafstall m
References in classic literature ?
When the war began, there stood on Cote Joyeuse an imposing mansion of red brick, shaped like the Pantheon.
There had been no home so stately along the whole stretch of Cote Joyeuse.
Now, Leandre's business called him frequently and upon long journeys from home, and his motherless daughter was coming to stay with her aunts at Cote Joyeuse.
Then Sir Galihud gat a spear to avenge his brother, and in the same wise Sir Gareth served him, and Sir Dinadan and his brother La Cote Male Taile, and Sir Sagramore le Disirous, and Sir Dodinas le Savage; all these he bare down with one spear.
This wish of mine was treated as groveling, and even worse than republican, by the cote droit of our piece, while the cote gauche sneered at it as manifesting a sneaking regard for station without the spirit to avow it.
The two extremes were regular cotes gauches and cotes droits.
A wave of melancholy passed over him, for the deserted aspect of the little flower hedged cote seemed dismally prophetic of a near future without the beaming, jovial face of his friend and adviser.
When they had admitted him into the cote, they found that he made more havoc and slew a larger number of them in one day than the Kite could pounce upon in a whole year.
In any case, the far-seeing Frenchman had taken care not to forget in his collection some precious cuttings of the Medoc and Cote d'Or, upon which he founded his hopes.
As when a prowling Wolfe, Whom hunger drives to seek new haunt for prey, Watching where Shepherds pen thir Flocks at eeve In hurdl'd Cotes amid the field secure, Leaps o're the fence with ease into the Fould: Or as a Thief bent to unhoord the cash Of some rich Burgher, whose substantial dores, Cross-barrd and bolted fast, fear no assault, In at the window climbes, or o're the tiles; So clomb this first grand Thief into Gods Fould: So since into his Church lewd Hirelings climbe.
In his seclusions the Vin de Bourgogne had its allotted hour, and there were appropriate moments for the Cotes du Rhone.
The minister has affirmed Sudan keenness to consolidate its relations with Cote d'Ivoire and decided to open its embassy in Abidjan.