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One of two or more tenants sharing property.

co·ten′an·cy n.


(Law) a person who holds property jointly or in common with others
coˈtenancy n
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Noun1.cotenant - one of two or more tenants holding title to the same property
tenant - a holder of buildings or lands by any kind of title (as ownership or lease)
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36) Where a cotenant in possession vacates the premises and rents them to a tenant, the rent benefits all cotenants in proportion to their ownership, and accordingly 50 percent of the rent after expenses must be kept by the cotenant receiving the rent, while the other cotenant must receive 50 percent of the rent after expenses.
110) This is "because each such cotenant has a duty to pay taxes and therefore the principle is applicable that one should not profit by failing to satisfy that duty.
If a cotenant cannot reach agreement with a fellow owner for any reason, he or she has the legal right to demand partition of the property.
Criticizing the prevalence of forced partition sales, one note argues that judges have "misapplied the statutes and allowed private interests to use the statutory process as a land acquisition tool at the expense of cotenant landowners.
Furthermore the chain has a cotenant renting an adjacent 150,000 square feet and when that tenant's option expires Duane Reade has first right to the space.
3) It is unclear when the adverse possession period begins to run against a cotenant under section 541.
1994) (holding that when one cotenant stops paying his share of taxes and mortgage payments, other cotenants may pay his share and recover from him).
Each such cotenant thereafter desiring exchange treatment could then assign his or her respective interest in the sales contract to a qualified intermediary and close the transaction as an exchange.
Shortly after Knight Transportation headquarters finished installing its new access control system, the company's cotenant, Total Warehousing, installed the same system.
there is no societal understanding of superior and inferior," and "[el ach cotenant .
Securing Dig Inn was a great opportunity for the landlord, as the restaurant's popularity will help attract a cotenant for the remaining 1,550 s/f of space on the ground floor," said Singer.