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Variant of conterminous.


(kəʊˈtɜːmɪnəs) or


1. (Law) having a common boundary; bordering; contiguous
2. coextensive or coincident in range, time, scope, etc


(koʊˈtɜr mə nəs)

also co•ter′mi•nal,

1. having the same border or covering the same area.
2. being the same in extent; coextensive in range or scope.
[1790–1800; re-formation of conterminous; see co-]
co•ter′mi•nous•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.coterminous - being of equal extent or scope or duration
commensurate - corresponding in size or degree or extent; "pay should be commensurate with the time worked"


[kəʊˈtɜːmɪnəs] (frm) ADJ (Geog) → colindante (with con) [concepts, ideas] → coincidente (with con) to be coterminous with (Geog) → colindar con; [concepts, ideas] → coincidir con
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This loan gave the client the ability to seek additional subordinate financing, which does not have to be coterminous, five times during the 30-year term.
It includes a fixed-term commitment with coterminous support.
Its Mayor, and his or her powers, are contained within useful administrative boundaries that are coterminous with each other.
The contract also synchronizes the affiliation renewals of all three television stations, making them coterminous in 2019.
Coterminous certificates, where both shotgun and firearm certificates are dealt with at the same time would be PS90 and then PS65 on renewal.
The border, coterminous with a spur of the Cleveland Way for about half a mile from the East, exactly bisects Roseberry''s summit.
An Egyptian soldier was injured Saturday by the gunfire of smugglers on the coterminous international Egyptian-Israeli borders when he tried to stop the infiltration of African nationals into Israel.
If it''s the interest of Anglesey he has at heart it makes sense to have the council, Assembly and Westminster borders coterminous.
suggests that the recent period generally called postmodern could as well be characterized as neobaroque, not because of cycling fashions, but because the Baroque is the aesthetic counterpart to a problem of thought that is coterminous with Western modernity stretching from the 16th century to the present.
new lease, coterminous with their existing lease to July 2013, at a rent of A[pounds sterling]
The lease term is for 10 years and is coterminous with the present facility lease, which expires in 2016.
In "Divorce in the Workplace" (June 2006), we described Jack Welch's woes and Gary Wendt's folly in their divorce situations, coterminous affairs and financial settlements.