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Adv.1.coterminously - in a coterminous manner
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An informal dialogue process was attempted in several locales and finally took place last month in Doha coterminously with the separate US-Taliban talks.
However, again simply recognising that there are alternative world orders operating concurrently and coterminously is a useful exercise.
2012) (analyzing the ACCA and guidelines definitions coterminously); United States v.
("The market process could not develop and evolve without a coterminously evolving, clearly defined and enforceable set of rules of property and contract of course.").
If you want smart citizens / businesses to come into your world you need to be up to speed with how people live and work coterminously.
Because it emerged almost coterminously with an unprecedented health crisis, The Mysteries of New Orleans provides unique insight into the social and spatial conditions of New Orleans in the summer of 1853.
(79) Not coincidentally, the move toward use of commissions in Canada began coterminously with passage of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982, which gave judges greater authority in the areas of human rights and public policy and, hence, caused the process of how judges are selected to come under the microscope.