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Adv.1.coterminously - in a coterminous manner
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This includes the need for both applicant authorities to set out a compelling vision for the new authority and to provide assurance that post merger arrangements would reduce complexity and increase coherence and coterminously of public services.
The market process could not develop and evolve without a coterminously evolving, clearly defined and enforceable set of rules of property and contract of course.
If you want smart citizens / businesses to come into your world you need to be up to speed with how people live and work coterminously.
Because it emerged almost coterminously with an unprecedented health crisis, The Mysteries of New Orleans provides unique insight into the social and spatial conditions of New Orleans in the summer of 1853.
The historical moment clearly demanded stylistic renegotiation, both for poets living in Ireland and those outside it, but in comparison with the new styles developed coterminously by Clarke and Kavanagh, MacNeice's late work is stark, suggestive of nightmarish solipsism and a breakdown of social cohesion.
As a result, Godbeer, like Crain before him, ends up portraying male relations in the early republic and antebellum periods as comparatively stable, socially unfettered, and notable for their abundant male-male emotionalism and physical intimacy It should be noted, as Godbeer does, but briefly, that the cult of self-making would dictate an equally intense self-dependence that threatened to make all relations with those outside the self deeply suspect and dangerous, just as self-making threatened to explode the lie that capitalism and fellow-feeling could exist coterminously.
Members serve for a period of five years, except for the public members who serve coterminously with the Governor.
The term midwife is used coterminously with wet-nurse in Bengali literature.
Due to the semantic fluidity of the process of translation as such, and the traits of these particular translations, Harry Potter in Hungarian, and the fictitious world around him carry British, Hungarian and European (or rather Western) connotations almost coterminously.
Such is it heard, although, as it is generally acknowledged, something else occurred along with the echo: Nietzsche's celebrated attack on the foundations and overall project of Western culture coterminously self-implodes into a morass of philosophical confusion and ineffectuality.
The Ecclesiastical Province of Oregon came into existence coterminously with this settlement, partly as a result of Francis Norbert Blanchet's arguing the need for bishops close by on the ground so that the church in the Oregon Country would not suffer the fate the church in California suffered when Mexico took over from Spain and later the U.