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also co·til·lon  (kō-tĭl′yən, kə-)
1. A formal ball, especially one at which young women are presented to society.
a. A lively dance, originating in France in the 18th century, having varied, intricate patterns and steps.
b. A quadrille.
c. The music for these dances.

[French cotillon, from Old French, petticoat, diminutive of cote, coat; see coat.]


(kəˈtɪljən; kəʊ-) or


1. (Dancing) a French formation dance of the 18th century
2. (Dancing) US a quadrille
3. (Dancing) US a complicated dance with frequent changes of partners
4. US and Canadian a formal ball, esp one at which debutantes are presented
[C18: from French cotillon dance, from Old French: petticoat, from cote coat]


(kəˈtɪl yən, koʊ-)

1. a formal ball given esp. for debutantes.
2. any of various dances resembling the quadrille.
3. a formalized dance for a large number of people, in which a head couple leads the others through elaborate figures.
[1760–70; < French cotillon kind of dance, in Old French: petticoat =cote coat + -illon diminutive suffix]
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Noun1.cotillion - a ball at which young ladies are presented to societycotillion - a ball at which young ladies are presented to society
formal, ball - a lavish dance requiring formal attire
2.cotillion - a lively dance originating in France in the 18th century
ballroom dance, ballroom dancing - any of a variety of social dances performed by couples in a ballroom
References in classic literature ?
The set in which they found themselves was composed of English, and Amy was compelled to walk decorously through a cotillion, feeling all the while as if she could dance the tarantella with relish.
Look,' sez I, 'at the disgrace he brings upon a high-toned, fash'nable girl, at whose side he's walked and danced, and passed rings, and sentiments, and bokays in the changes o' the cotillion and the mizzourka.
These decorations proved her popularity in very much the same way as do the cotillion favors hanging on the bedroom walls of the fashionable belle.
In the middle of the cotillion, having completed one of the figures, Natasha, still out of breath, was returning to her seat when another dancer chose her.
When the cotillion was over the old count in his blue coat came up to the dancers.
For one of the merry cotillions before supper Prince Andrew was again her partner.
The cotillions were over, the country-dancing beginning, and she saw nothing of the Tilneys.
So he began to prate to Miss Marian of clubs, of teas, of golf and riding and kennels and cotillions and tours abroad and threw out hints of a yacht lying at Larchmont.
The Breeders' Cup is also the plan for I'm A Chatterbox, who will head for the Distaff after her victory in the Grade 1 Cotillion Stakes at Parx.
Over the past four years, Parx Racing and the Pennsylvania Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association (PTHA) have worked to build a Fall Festival around one of the track's signature racing days -- the $1 Million Pennsylvania Derby (GII) and Cotillion Stakes (GI) - which last year featured Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes winner California Chrome, along with the eventual Breeders' Cup Classic champion Bayern.
Civil War Gala Formal military ball and cotillion, featuring period music, dancers and history, 6-10 p.
production service for 300 dinners with table and chairs and tablecloths inlcuida attention cotillion dinner should include entry, drinks, vinopostre.