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also co·til·lon  (kō-tĭl′yən, kə-)
1. A formal ball, especially one at which young women are presented to society.
a. A lively dance, originating in France in the 18th century, having varied, intricate patterns and steps.
b. A quadrille.
c. The music for these dances.

[French cotillon, from Old French, petticoat, diminutive of cote, coat; see coat.]
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nKotillon m
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When young Bullock (of the firm of Hulker, Bullock & Co., Bankers, Lombard Street), who had been making up to Miss Maria the last two seasons, actually asked Amelia to dance the cotillon, could you expect that the former young lady should be pleased?
I feel, on these premises, as if I was a bear--with the cramp--in a youthful Cotillon.'
(29) Hannah Cotillon, "Territorial Disputes and Nationalism: A Comparative Case Study of China and Vietnam", Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 36, no.
Burns's remark that the witches' dance was "nae cotillon" was his usual dig at things French and fashionable but he must also have had one eye on the intricate stately dance of Beattie's fairies; the reader would surely expect Scottish dancing from Scots witches.
The songs on the CD are: Cutting Down the Pines (Celia Evans with Dave Ruch), Le Cotillon Blanc (La Famille Ouimet), Interlude: A Life on the Ocean Wave (Don Woodcock), The Sailor's Grave (Dan Berggren), My Adirondack Home (The Bacon Brothers), Young Brennan (Lee Knight), Interlude: Quadrille in D (Don Woodcock), Fish Song (Akwesasne Men's Singing Group), Thunder Song (Akwesasne Men's Singing Group), The Days of '49 (Dave Ruch), Johnny Barbour (John Roberts), Paddy's Wedding (John Kirk and Trish Miller), Bert LaFountain's Packard (Bill Smith and Don Woodcock), Lord Ullin's Daughter (Colleen Cleveland), Interlude: Lannigan's Ball (Don Woodcock), Great Grandad (Sue Grimm Hanley and Jamie Savage), and The Irishtown Crew (The Fraser Family and Friends).
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