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(Animals) any tropical American passerine bird of the family Cotingidae, such as the umbrella bird and the cock-of-the-rock, having a broad slightly hooked bill. Also called: chatterer
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(koʊˈtɪŋ gə, kə-)

any of numerous suboscine birds comprising the family Cotingidae, of New World tropical forests: diverse in size and habits, with many species having spectacular plumage and far-carrying voices.
[1775–85; < New Latin < French < Tupi]
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Noun1.cotinga - passerine bird of New World tropicscotinga - passerine bird of New World tropics
New World flycatcher, tyrant bird, tyrant flycatcher, flycatcher - large American birds that characteristically catch insects on the wing
genus Cotinga - type genus of the Cotingidae: cotingas
Rupicola rupicola, cock of the rock - tropical bird of northern South America the male having brilliant red or orange plumage and an erectile disklike crest
cock of the rock, Rupicola peruviana - bird of the Andes similar to Rupicola rupicola
bellbird - any of several tropical American birds of the genus Procnias having a bell-like call
Cephalopterus ornatus, umbrella bird - black tropical American bird having a large overhanging crest and long feathered wattle
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Brazilian birds like the "toucan" and "cotinga" have been hunted to near extinction.
For more information, visit The Biggest Twitch is on sale for pounds 12.99 THE BIRD-WATCHING TRAIL HIGHLIGHTS DATE: January DESTINATIONS: USA, Mexico, Ecuador and Wales BEST BIRDS: Cotinga, a turquoise, blue and purple bird that lives in the rainforests of the Andes; plate-billed mountain toucan that lives at the highest point of the Andes; great northern diver, the rare chough and the water rail, all local birds spotted in North Wales.
The Osa also is home to the magnificent harpy eagle and the endemic yellow-billed cotinga.
Among the possessions stolen from their hire car was a video camera with footage of the blue cotinga and other rare birds seen in Panama.
COTINGIDAE - Real: Lipaugus vociferans, Cotinga cayana, Querula purpurata; Null: Phoenicircus nigricollis, iodopleura isabellae, cotinga mayana.