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(Animals) any tropical American passerine bird of the family Cotingidae, such as the umbrella bird and the cock-of-the-rock, having a broad slightly hooked bill. Also called: chatterer


(koʊˈtɪŋ gə, kə-)

any of numerous suboscine birds comprising the family Cotingidae, of New World tropical forests: diverse in size and habits, with many species having spectacular plumage and far-carrying voices.
[1775–85; < New Latin < French < Tupi]
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Noun1.cotinga - passerine bird of New World tropicscotinga - passerine bird of New World tropics
New World flycatcher, tyrant bird, tyrant flycatcher, flycatcher - large American birds that characteristically catch insects on the wing
genus Cotinga - type genus of the Cotingidae: cotingas
Rupicola rupicola, cock of the rock - tropical bird of northern South America the male having brilliant red or orange plumage and an erectile disklike crest
cock of the rock, Rupicola peruviana - bird of the Andes similar to Rupicola rupicola
bellbird - any of several tropical American birds of the genus Procnias having a bell-like call
Cephalopterus ornatus, umbrella bird - black tropical American bird having a large overhanging crest and long feathered wattle
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The preclinical study, performed by Cotinga researchers and academic collaborators, evaluated COTI-2 in combination with commonly used chemotherapeutic agents through in vivo and in vitro experiments using human cancer cell lines.
Como aportacion principal, los autores identifican los materiales del objeto: el soporte es de algodon y el adhesivo de cera de abeja, en tanto que las plumas cafes son de pato golondrino, las negras de zanate mexicano, las rojas de guacamaya, las amarillas de tordo y las azules de cotinga.
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99 THE BIRD-WATCHING TRAIL HIGHLIGHTS DATE: January DESTINATIONS: USA, Mexico, Ecuador and Wales BEST BIRDS: Cotinga, a turquoise, blue and purple bird that lives in the rainforests of the Andes; plate-billed mountain toucan that lives at the highest point of the Andes; great northern diver, the rare chough and the water rail, all local birds spotted in North Wales.
Purunhuenhue especies del genero Cotinga 'cotingas' y especie Procnias tricarunculata 'campanero tricarunculado'(familia Cotingidae); especies de los generos Cyanerpes, Dacnis 'picudos' y Tangara 'tangaras', y especies Chlorophanes spiza 'rey de trepadores', Chrysothlypis chrysomelas' tangara negro y dorado' y Thraupis episcopus 'viuda' (familia Thraupidae).
The Osa also is home to the magnificent harpy eagle and the endemic yellow-billed cotinga.
Among the possessions stolen from their hire car was a video camera with footage of the blue cotinga and other rare birds seen in Panama.
COTINGIDAE - Real: Lipaugus vociferans, Cotinga cayana, Querula purpurata; Null: Phoenicircus nigricollis, iodopleura isabellae, cotinga mayana.
The more solitary icterid, Cacicus uropygialis, frequently foraged in pairs or small flocks with groups of the cotinga, Querula purpurata; these two species had well-defined areas of high use within their home ranges, presumably around nest sites, which facilitated estimates.
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