cotton strain

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Noun1.cotton strain - feeds primarily on cotton
sweet-potato whitefly - a variety of whitefly
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Last week, Monsanto's relationship with the Indian government hit a new low when the company announced it wouldn't be introducing a newer and more effective GM cotton strain into India.
TM1 is a long-term inbred upland cotton strain derived from `DeltaPine 14' (Kohel et al., 1970) and is a good standard.
Effect of different sowing dates on yield and yield components of newly developed cotton strains under Multan conditions.
The joint venture between India's Mahyco and a local unit of Monsanto has sub-licensed production of its Bt cotton strains - first approved for sale in India in 2002 - to 28 seed companies.
In 2005 it was fined $1.5m for bribing an Indonesian official to silence a study on the environmental impact of its genetically modified cotton strains.
A comparative study of physical characteristics and spinning performance of new cotton strains evolved at Cotton Research Station (CRS) Multan and Cotton Research Station (CRS) Vehari with commercial cotton variety MNH-93.
The field response of different cotton strains against CLCuV in DGR trial at NIAB Faisalabad during 2004-05 was analyzed.
Bemisia tabaci (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) biotype B colonization on okra- and normal-leaf upland cotton strains and cultivars.
Four upland cotton strains [TAM 94L-25 (Smith, 2003), TAM 94M-14, TAM 94WD-17, and TAM 91C-95Ls (Smith, 2001)] and three cultivars ['Suregrow 125' (PVP 9400063), 'Tamcot CAMD-E' (Bird, 1979a), and 'Acala Maxxa' (PVP 9000168)] were planted in a randomized complete block design with four replications in 1998 and eight replications in 1999 at the Texas A&M Research Farm near College Station, TX.