cottonseed cake

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Noun1.cottonseed cake - the solid matter remaining after oil has been pressed from cottonseeds
residue - matter that remains after something has been removed
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Meanwhile, ginners have also stopped lifting phutti (seed cotton) as a mark of protest against SRO 188 imposing tax on cottonseed cake. The Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association has demanded that the Federal Board of Revenue should withdraw the said SRO and suspended the tax.
First, the gossypol is used as carbon source by rumen microorganisms and degraded into non-toxic metabolites [38]; Second, BG are the complexes of gossypol with other cottonseed cake components such as proteins, lipids and nucleic acids that is less toxic or non-toxic [39].
The experiment was conducted to investigate the possibility of replacing cottonseed cake (CSC) with rapeseed cake (RSC) and maize gluten feed 30% (MGF) as protein equivalent basis in Sahiwal calves fed maize silage as basal diet.
The diet, composed only of concentrate ingredients, contained ground corn (55.76%), cottonseed cake (37.17%), and a buffered vitamin-mineral premix (7.07%).
Cottonseed cake (CSK) is largely available particularly in well known cotton growing countries such as China, India, U SA, Egypt etc.
Among the feed ingredients, highest infected samples were of cottonseed cake (68%) and the lowest infected samples were of soya bean meal (16.67%).
Cottonseed cake is nutritious feed for milch animals.
Bryant, "An evaluation of the use of cottonseed cake in the diet of growing pigs," Tropical Animal Health and Production, vol.
After the expeller was installed, animal cake feed manufacturers began placing orders for cottonseed cake, and the cottonseed oil was sold for further processing into edible oil or to paint factories.
The firm is involved in the business of cotton ginning and cotton seed crushing with a product mix of FP cotton bales, cottonseed wash oil, cottonseed cake and cottonseed soap.
The present study indicates that gossypol in cottonseed cake and oil are potentially responsible for the decrease in white blood cell count.