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1. Of or resembling cotton; fluffy.
2. Covered with fibers resembling cotton; nappy.


(ˈkɒt n i)

1. of or like cotton; soft.
2. covered with a down or nap resembling cotton.
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Adj.1.cottony - resembling cotton; as soft as cotton
soft - yielding readily to pressure or weight
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With the Johnsons I am afraid I lost many opportunities; the tone was gray and cottony, I might almost say woolly.
The material adopted was a soft cottony fabric, steel-gray in color.
It said there are three types of threads used in weaving the inaul: The cottony tanor, the silky rayon and the shiny katiyado.
From the glimpse of the culinary gems of the old city, to the historic garnished secrets, one can savor iconic Daulat Ki Chaat, the soft, cottony foam, enriched with khoya and saffron and instantly melts on your palate and delicious Kuliya Chaat, quintessential 100 year old recipe where fruit and vegetable cups are scooped out of its flesh and then filled with flavored stuffing.
Morphological observation showed that isolates KA01, KA03, TB03, HU01 and HU02 have smooth and cottony colony surface and isolates KA02, KA04, KA05, TM01, TM02, TM03, TM04, TM05, TB01, TB02, and HU03 were granulated.
Colonies with yellowish green coloration white periphery and cottony to dusty texture with pale to colorless reverse side of plate were A.
The pads also sport a unique wing shape for a secure fit, and a cottony soft-touch cover enhances breathability.
The three types of threads being used in weaving are tanor which is cottony, the silky rayon, and katiyado which is the shiny type.
uk AMPERSAND WITH LIGHTS, PS20, NEXT HOME TR ADE SECRETS | Paint walls soft, cottony white for a Scandinavian-inspired feel.
yeast like powdery granular velvety or cottony pigmentation on the surface and on reverse.