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bean seed germinating


1. Botany A leaf of the embryo of a seed plant, which upon germination either remains in the seed or emerges, enlarges, and becomes green. Also called seed leaf.
2. Anatomy One of the lobules constituting the uterine side of the mammalian placenta, consisting mainly of a rounded mass of villi.

[Latin cotylēdōn, navelwort, from Greek kotulēdōn, from kotulē, hollow object.]

cot′y·le′don·ar′y (-ēd′n-ĕr′ē), cot′y·le′don·al (-ēd′n-əl), cot′y·le′do·nous (-ēd′n-əs) adj.
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Kim (2006).Plastid transformation in the mono- cotyledonous cereal crops rice (oryza sativa) and transmission of transgenes to their progeny.
It feeds underside the cotyledonous leaves by biting holes into them (Chandravadana and Pal, 1983).
Phytic acids contained in the protein bodies of the cotyledonous fraction of the lentil seed are the most common factor that lowers the absorption of protein, minerals and trace elements, especially iron, zinc and calcium [20-24].