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1. A grooved timber in which something slides.
a. A section of stage scenery placed in a wing of a theater.
b. The space between such pieces of scenery, through which an actor can make an entrance or exit.
c. A backstage area in a theater.

[French, from Old French (porte) couleice, sliding door; see portcullis.]


1. (Building) Also called: cullis a timber member grooved to take a sliding panel, such as a sluicegate, portcullis, or stage flat
2. (Theatre)
a. a flat piece of scenery situated in the wings of a theatre; wing flat
b. a space between wing flats
3. (Stock Exchange) part of the Paris Bourse where unofficial securities are traded. Compare parquet4
[C19: from French: groove, from Old French couleïce portcullis]



1. a timber or the like having a groove for guiding a sliding panel.
b. the space between two wing flats or similar pieces of stage scenery.
c. any space backstage.
[1810–20; < French: groove, something that slides in a groove; see portcullis]


Objects and figures arranged at the sides of a painting in order to focus the eye onto the central piece of the work.
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Noun1.coulisse - a flat situated in the wings
flat - scenery consisting of a wooden frame covered with painted canvas; part of a stage setting
2.coulisse - a timber member grooved to take a sliding panel
timber - a beam made of wood
boční kulisa
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Ashley Wilde Designs, Coulisse, Libeco, Lienesch, Mode srl and Snurk are among the companies who have already registered for the next Heimtextil at this early stage.
The coulisse can be seen as a corridor extendingalong the stage, which has two entrances at its
For example, she describes their activities in the coulisse, "a roaming stock exchange that met in the back alleyways and out-of-the-way spaces of the neighborhood surrounding the stock exchange" after it curtailed women's access (151).
Internal publications were created by the hundreds, from annual reports, to marketing materials, recruitment packages, and a magazine, En Coulisse (in French and English), distributed to all cast members describing different areas of EuroDisney and the progress being made within the complex.
Investigation reveals that a coulisse is a curb exchange; it also refers to the wings ofa theater, so that "dans les coulisses" means "behind the scenes.
Light control manufacturer Lutron Electronics and Coulisse, world-wide supplier of window decor, are proud to announce The Lutron Coulisse Collection.
He added that now after three years of the war, Syria, thanks to the steadfastness of its people, its army's valor and its leader's wisdom, "is forcing its real enemies to come up to stage from the coulisse.
Further exhibitors in this segment include Erfal, Gardinia Home Decor, Kadeco, Liedeco, MHZ and Teba of Germany, as well as Coulisse of the Netherlands.
La campagne s'est terminee hier jeudi a 08h00 locales (03h30 GMT) mais les tractations se poursuivent en coulisse pour tenter d'empecher le modere Hassan Rohani d'etre encore en lice le 21 juin.
BRUSSELS, (SANA)- The coulisse of the European Union (EU) Council's meetings on Monday witnessed intensive efforts by some countries to lift the embargo on providing weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria in a step towards legalizing what was taking place secretly in a time when the EU officials have made fake statements in support of the political solution to the crisis in Syria.
At the biggest entrance, the facade is decked with niches and behind it, you can see the coulisse which is a corridor extending along the stage that has two entrances at its sides.
L'anniversaire de Tiananmen reste une date sensible pour le regime communiste, et particulierement cette annee avec les luttes de pouvoir en coulisse avant le 18e congres du parti communiste chinois (PCC) cet automne, qui verra une nouvelle generation de dirigeants acceder au pouvoir.