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 (ko͞o-lŏm′ĭ-tər, ko͞o′lə-mē′tər)
An instrument for measuring the electric charge (in coulombs) passing through an electrolytic cell during electrolysis, based on the amount of a substance that accumulates on the electrodes.


(kuːˈlɒmɪtə) or


(Electrical Engineering) an electrolytic cell for measuring the magnitude of an electric charge by determining the total amount of decomposition resulting from the passage of the charge through the cell. Also called: voltameter
[C19: from coulomb + meter3]
coulometric adj
coulometrically adv
couˈlometry n


(vɒlˈtæm ɪ tər, voʊl-)

a device that measures the flow of electricity through a conductor in relation to electrolytic decomposition.
[1830–40; volta (see volt1) + -meter]
vol`ta•met′ric (-təˈmɛ trɪk) adj.
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Tenders invited for Coulomat reagent for coulometer
The compact, stand-alone coulometer offers several features that make it suitable for fast, precise determination of low-level water content.
The coulombs were read on coulometer of the rectifier, and recorded.
After digestion, the determination of N was done by the micro-Kjedhal method, and the determination of P was done by using a coulometer with a mobilate vandalate (MALAVOLTA et al.
Together with their recently introduced microwave resonance technology and their well-known moisture analyser series with IR dryers as well as a coulometer for the selective detection of water in the low ppm range, Sartorius now covers the entire spectrum of typical moisture analysis applications, from incoming inspection to production monitoring to laboratory QA and R&D.
Samples for organic carbon measurements were freeze dried, milled to smaller than 500 [micro]m and analyzed on a UIC Coulometrics CM5012 C02 Coulometer.
The Metrohm Oven Sample Processor Model 774 handles any level of moisture by connecting to the Metrohm KF Coulometer Model 756 for low level moisture analysis, or to a Karl Fisher Titrino for high levels up to 100%.
Total carbon was measured with a UIC/Coulometrics Model 5011 coulometer and System 120 preparation line.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Karl Fischer Coulometer (Moisture Meter) With Analytical Balance
Metrohm's 917 Karl Fischer Coulometer is a compact, standalone unit that offers several unique features that make it ideal for fast, precise determination of low-level water content.
The total carbon and inorganic carbon analyses of IRD samples were done using a CO2 coulometer with an induction furnace and acid digester (Huffman, 1977).