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Noun1.Council board - the table that conferees sit around as they hold a meetingcouncil board - the table that conferees sit around as they hold a meeting
conference room - a room in which a conference can be held
table - a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs; "it was a sturdy table"
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It gives me much pleasure to imagine that several successive governors of Massachusetts sat in it at the council board."
The grim Leonardo sate in state at the head of his council board. Ranged up and down the hall on either hand stood near a hundred men-at-arms.
Among them, quivering to and fro between gloom and splendor, appeared faces that would be seen next day at the council board of the province, and others which, Sabbath after Sabbath, looked devoutly heavenward, and benignantly over the crowded pews, from the holiest pulpits in the land.
The Trojans were struck with terror when they saw the snake, portent of aegis-bearing Jove, writhing in the midst of them, and Polydamas went up to Hector and said, "Hector, at our councils of war you are ever given to rebuke me, even when I speak wisely, as though it were not well, forsooth, that one of the people should cross your will either in the field or at the council board; you would have them support you always: nevertheless I will say what I think will be best; let us not now go on to fight the Danaans at their ships, for I know what will happen if this soaring eagle which skirted the left wing of our host with a monstrous blood-red snake in its talons (the snake being still alive) was really sent as an omen to the Trojans on their essaying to cross the trench.
The council board is now being asked to decide how remaining work is managed.
The secretaries local government and local council board will supervise the sanitation drive.
A report by head of Schools Service Dewi Jones, to be discussed by the council board next week, revealed 53 pupils are taken by 21 taxis to the county's 14 units, located at primary schools across Gwynedd, at a cost of pounds 99,399.
And it received the unanimous support of the Gwynedd Council Board.
Llais Gwynedd, formed out of protests over controversial plans to re-organise primary school education in the county, won 12 seats andwill have two seats on the 15-man council board.
One parent said: "We will be present at Caernarfon in numbers on Tuesday when the council board meets, to maintain the pressure on the elected members that means we cannot be ignored.
Mr Hughes had told town councillors at Porthmadog on Tuesday night that there would be "big changes" to the plan when it was placed before next Tuesday's council board meeting.
The matter will then be considered by the council board and full council.

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