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A man who is a member of a council, especially of the local governing body of a city or town.


n, pl -men
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) chiefly US a member of a council, esp of a town or city; councillor


(ˈkaʊn səl mən)

n., pl. -men.
a member of a council, esp. the legislative body of a city or town.
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Noun1.councilman - a man who is a council membercouncilman - a man who is a council member  
council member, councillor - a member of a council


[ˈkaʊnsɪlmən] N (councilmen (pl)) (US) → concejal m
References in classic literature ?
She married in Boston a young scapegrace named Parlow, and like a good Brownon brought him to Blackburg forthwith and made a man and a town councilman of him.
My colleagues: Philip Ivanitch Nikitin, Mihail Stanislavitch Grinevitch"--and turning to Levin--"a district councilor, a modern district councilman, a gymnast who lifts thirteen stone with one hand, a cattle-breeder and sportsman, and my friend, Konstantin Dmitrievitch Levin, the brother of Sergey Ivonovitch Koznishev.
He also is backed by Vander Borght and Councilman David Golonski.
According to the Times, while the Councilman ruling would limit the applicability of wiretap laws to e-mail, it appears to apply to a small number of potential cases.
McLean was named mayor pro tem -- next in line -- on a 4-1 vote last year, with Councilman Bob Kellar voting against her.
Councilman O'Donovan, who as head of the City Council's Economic Development Committee has been a supporter of well-regulated gambling, said Staten Island could then certainly look closer at having hotel-casinos and would be able to give out its own tax breaks and incentives for businesses.
But neighborhood groups sued the city in 1992 after then-City Councilman Ernani Bernardi gave $700,000 to an anti-gang program in Pacoima.
The $22,500-a-year post was vacated by Councilman Jerry Crispino (D-Bronx) who left the job to be a judge.
Councilman Jack Weiss was in Israel and unavailable for comment.