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also coun·cil·lor  (koun′sə-lər, -slər)
A member of a council, as one convened to advise a governor. See Usage Note at council.

coun′cil·or·ship′ n.


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a variant US spelling of councillor
2. an archaic spelling of counsellor
ˈcouncilorˌship n


or coun•cil•lor

(ˈkaʊn sə lər, -slər)

a member of a council.
[1300–50; Middle English conseiler < Anglo-French: adviser; see counselor]
coun′ci•lor•ship`, n.
References in classic literature ?
by a councilor of state whom Queen Catherine came, some say to visit, and others to strangle.
After the councilor had died -- whether by strangulation or naturally is of no consequence -- the house had been sold, then abandoned, and lastly isolated from the other houses of the street.
The two remaining councilors couldn't agree on the appointment of a third councilor who then would have joined them in appointing the final two members.
Councilor Bonny Bettman is squeezed out of her south Eugene ward and forced to represent Ward 4, which is north of the Willamette River.
According to the structural layout, a village council is comprised of five to ten general councilors, two women councilors, one labor councilor, one youth councilor and one minority councilor making a total of ten to twelve councilors.
They were also of the opinion that every village councilor are given one to two lakh Rupees per year for developmental works and when these funds are utilized by contractors the people blame the councilors that they have done sub standard work .
The newly-elected 2016-2019 officers are Councilor Marlon M.
City Hall is the center of government and it is in conceivable that the elected representatives of that government would not have individual office space, just like the mayor and the City Manager," Councilor George Brown wrote in an email.
ZAMBOANGA CITY -- In this city, among the perks of being a councilor is free gasoline.
LEOMINSTER -- Three incumbents, a ward councilor and two newcomers to city politics are seeking election to four seats as councilors at-large.
Councillor Maelor Williams, the council's only Liberal Democrat councillor is also considering making a submission backing a cut in councilor numbers.
House director Johann Ernst Kregel, a senior councilor elected to oversee the house's affairs, contributed 1,637 th.