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1. Capable of being counted: countable items; countable sins.
2. Mathematics Capable of being put into a one-to-one correspondence with the positive integers.

count′a·bil′i·ty n.
count′a·bly adv.


1. (Grammar) grammar the fact of being countable
2. (Mathematics) maths denumerability
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Ethical governance and the transparency and ac- countability of anyone in a leadership role are impera- tive.
Indeed, linguists now no longer classify nouns into the dichotomous categories of countable and uncountable, but have established various gradations of countability along a continuum (Allan; Pica).
Based on the denseness and countability of rational number [x.
In a pair like (1), the telicity of the verbal predicate matches the countability of the internal argument--as many have noted, among them Krifka (1989), Tenny (1986)-, while the deadjectival verbs in (2) behave like degree achievements or like telic changes of state depending on whether the base adjective has an open or closed scale (Hay, Kennedy & Levin 1999).
By X , we will denote an abelian topological Hausdorff group, written additively which satisfies the first axiom of countability.
There is no ac- countability for the individu- als or entities that bring en- tertainment to the UAE.
41) These poems, too, request kisses, evoke the object of affection with passion, dwell on the countability of kisses and use a word for kisses that Catullus may have introduced (basium 'kiss').
Before one tries to determine whom the poem is addressing or what these almonds represent, one can say with confidence that the poem moves within a frame of counting and countability.
The PN space under the strong topology is a Hausdorff space and satisfies the first countability axiom.
Although the above recommendation requires allowing more flexibility for funds received, paradoxically, there may currently not be enough ac countability to ESL students for the funding that they generate.
Throughout the article X will denotes the topological Hausdroff group, written additively, which satisfies the first axiom of countability.
But as a delegate I am very aware of the countability I have to represent members' views, rather than just my own and I need to discuss this widely with others.