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1. Capable of being counted: countable items; countable sins.
2. Mathematics Capable of being put into a one-to-one correspondence with the positive integers.

count′a·bil′i·ty n.
count′a·bly adv.


in a countable manner
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exists for all but at most countably many [epsilon] > 0.
Countably infinite number of equations could be generated by using these operator rules.
Hence it remains to consider the case of countably infinite M.
(ii) the function [phi] has preimages of cardinality one except at countably many points of T.
The lemma below is then an immediate consequence of the general theory of countably Hilbert spaces (see, e.g., [8] or [5]).
Markov chain [mathematical expression not reproducible] takes values in a countably infinite set D with transition probability matrix P = [p(i,j)], where p(i, j) = P([s.sub.t+1] = j | [s.sub.t] = i), and P is nondegenerate, P([s.sub.0] = i) > 0 for all i [member of] D.
There might be, according to him, one other infinity in between, or a million, or a countably infinite number, or even an uncountably infinite number of infinities between the integers and the continuum (cf.
On the geometry of the countably branching diamond graphs.
Indeed by a countably many operations uunion and intersection" on the union {[A.sub.n]}[union]{[A.sub.n]}, one may construct A.
for any finite or countably infinite collection of mutually exclusive (disjoint) events in K.