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Noun1.counter conditioning - conditioning in which a second incompatible response is conditioned to an already conditioned stimulus; "counter conditioning lies behind many of the procedures used in behavior therapy"
conditioning - a learning process in which an organism's behavior becomes dependent on the occurrence of a stimulus in its environment
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The second group are behavioural processes which focused on behaviours and reinforcement factors and often used in the action and maintenance stages including helping relationship, self-liberation, counter conditioning, stimulus control and reinforcement management.
In the long term, desensitisation and counter conditioning have been shown to be safe and effective methods for treating sound sensitivities.
Houpt says try counter conditioning him to do something incompatible with jumping up such as going to a certain place.
In counter conditioning, if the cat is afraid of something, perhaps the sound of the garage door opening, give a treat just as he begins to hear the sound so he can associate the scary sound with something pleasant.
counter conditioning a porter edition in Korpusbauweise.
The second type, behavioral processes of change, includes: stimulus control (restructuring the organizational goals), helping relationships (indentifying and requesting support), counter conditioning (replacing previous actions with new procedures), reinforcement management (recognizing rewards from the change and implementing additional rewards to reinforce the change), and self liberation (making a permanent commitment to continue in the new direction).
For example, the data show that individuals in the Precontemplation stage emphasize Consciousness Raising, Dramatic Relief, and Environmental Reevaluation; individuals in Contemplation emphasize Self-Reevaluation; individuals in Preparation emphasize Self-Liberation; and individuals in Action emphasize Reinforcement Management, Helping Relationships, Counter Conditioning, and Stimulus Control to sustain changes (Prochaska et al.
Then use desensitization and counter conditioning to reduce the cat's fear and help him to be more accepting of strangers in the home.
Solution): Systematic desensitization and counter conditioning is the only effective way to treat these dogs.
The carpenter works include the interior of a Tourist Information Counter conditioning, office fixtures, wall coverings and ceiling installations.
Avoidance and safety are most important, and then desensitization and counter conditioning.
Counter conditioning and desensitization (CC&D) involves changing your pup's association with a scary stimulus from negative to positive.