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 (koun′tər-ô′fər, -ŏf′ər)
An offer made in return by one who rejects an unsatisfactory offer.


(Commerce) a response to a bid in which a seller amends his original offer, making it more favourable to the buyer


(ˈkaʊn tərˌɔ fər, -ˌɒf ər)

an offer or proposal made to offset or substitute for an earlier offer made by another.
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Noun1.counteroffer - an offer made by someone who has rejected a prior offer
offering, offer - something offered (as a proposal or bid); "noteworthy new offerings for investors included several index funds"
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If a better counter offer is received, the party initially interested will be allowed to beat it.
The counter offer comes a week after Ca Immo and Cyprus-bases investor O1 Group Limited published their offer to buy a stake of around 13.
Record Sport can also reveal that, after learning of Brian Kennedy's late counter offer of a PS3m funding package on Friday morning, Ashley threatened the club's directors with legal action if his own deal was rejected.
He said: "Didier knows our offer, and he has made a counter offer.
Italian companies are not working over a counter offer for food group Parmalat (BIT:PLT) after French dairy group Lactalis submitted a EUR3.
West Coast Capital, the investment vehicle of Scottish billionaire Sir Tom Hunter, owns a Dobbies stake of 26 per cent, having paid up to pounds 16 for shares, and has been linked with a possible counter offer.
4bn bid for the group in May, but has so far received support from fewer than 4% of shareholders amid anticipation of a counter offer from Warner.
Darren makes a counter offer of four large pizzas and a round of cokes, which sends us on our way.
Cross praised the MTA--which earlier this summer rejected a $400 million counter offer for the site from Madison Square Garden owner, Cablevision--for its encouragement over the years as the team faced numerous lawsuits, community opposition and, ultimately, state denial of a $300 million funding package to build the dream New York Sports and Convention Center.
Now HBoS, the merged Halifax and Bank of Scotland, admits that it is considering a counter offer.
An expected counter offer from Aletheia Partners has yet to be confirmed.
Finnish mobile telematics manufacturer Benefon Oyj today (16 April) denied reports that it had received any acceptance of a counter offer made by fax for the purchase of US-based private holding company NRJ International LLC.

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