adj.1.brought into equipoise by means of a weight or force that offsets another.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Reflecting upon the answer, he determined to refute it by finding 'a wiser;' and first he went to the politicians, and then to the poets, and then to the craftsmen, but always with the same result--he found that they knew nothing, or hardly anything more than himself; and that the little advantage which in some cases they possessed was more than counter-balanced by their conceit of knowledge.
Beast though he was, Peter of Colfax stood high in the favor of the King; and the fact that she was his niece would scarce aid her cause with Henry, for it was more than counter-balanced by the fact that she was the daughter of Simon de Montfort, whom he feared and hated.
However, the costs of converting the listed building, which was largely supported, are counter-balanced by the other properties on the site, the developers say.
This has been counter-balanced, however, by US president Donald Trump's concerns on the strengthening of the greenback.
Kate Davies, a senior ONS statistician, said: "Production output in July was relatively flat with strong growth in oil and gas counter-balanced by weaker manufacturing.
This is not being counter-balanced by a drop in the number of accidents.'
Each bascule weighs 1,200 tonnes and is counter-balanced to help reduce the force required to lift them.
It had previously been proposed, most famously by Arthur C Clarke in his 1978 novel, The Fountains of Paradise, that a space elevator could be constructed using a cable and counter-balanced orbital mass.
United had counter-balanced the interest by offering the glovesman a new contract, but reports say De Gea has snubbed it and is now closing in on a switch to Madrid.
As always, accessibility for newcomers is carefully counter-balanced with a degree of depth that even the longest-serving of virtual gaffers will still shudder at.
"Next week the Federal Open Market Committee meeting on Wednesday will see the issue of further tapering affecting the market and so we might see further downward pressure on the gold price unless it is counter-balanced by more geopolitical concerns."
Maybe the positive result meant the mental side counter-balanced the fatigue.