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n. Psychology
Conditioning intended to replace a negative response to a stimulus with a positive response.
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(Psychology) psychol the conditioning of a response that is incompatible with some previously learned response; for example, in psychotherapy an anxious person might be taught relaxation, which is incompatible with anxiety
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(ˌkaʊn tər kənˈdɪʃ ə nɪŋ)

the extinction of an undesirable response to a stimulus through the introduction of a more desirable, often incompatible, response.
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"Counterconditioning and fading were retrospectively nominated as the most efficacious coping strategies; paucity of willpower and failure of stimulus control were reported as the most hindering to maintenance.
Extinction strategies diminish the eliciting functions of stimuli through extinction, counterconditioning, or inhibitory learning processes, whereas DRA exercises diminish the evocative functions of stimuli through differential reinforcement.
Whereas individuals apply cognitive, affective and evaluative processes to move through the early stages, in later stages behavioral processes of counterconditioning, contingency management, environmental controls, and support for making progress are used (Xiao et al.
"BKLN Manners" also addresses uniquely urban challenges like dodging chicken bones on the sidewalk, counterconditioning on crowded streets, neighbors?
Counterconditioning process is applied, especially to promote the individuals from the action stage to maintenance.
Once the [Muslim-[R.sub.M] ([r.sub.M]-[r.sub.T])] complex has been established, it can act as an [S.sup.d] for escape or avoidance operants (e.g., keeping a distance from Muslim people), thus hindering contact with excellent Muslims (the over-whelming majority) and the subsequent counterconditioning. Further associations between "Muslim" and "terrorist" through self-verbalizations and the constant news on ISIS barbarity explain (although don't justify) why "Muslim" is becoming a highly aversive term for many people.
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Counterconditioning is another process where clients can work with ATCs to identify and learn new healthy behaviors in place of old habits.
You can also teach Garth to accept large dogs using a technique called 'desensitisation and counterconditioning'.
The guidelines describe behavior modifications such as desensitization and counterconditioning. Professionals who can help and a host of other topics may be found at
However, it points out that help is available, including behavior modification such as desensitization and counterconditioning, and behavior professionals.
(1992) stated that "successful action also entailed effective use of behavioral processes, such as counterconditioning and stimulus control, in order to modify the conditional stimulus ...