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A demonstration held in opposition to another demonstration.

coun′ter·dem′on·stra′tor n.
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(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a demonstration that is held in reaction to another deomstration
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Noun1.counterdemonstration - a demonstration held in opposition to another demonstration; "supporters of the president organized a counterdemonstration in his support"
demonstration, presentation, presentment - a show or display; the act of presenting something to sight or view; "the presentation of new data"; "he gave the customer a demonstration"
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"Free speech is allowing people to express themselves in a way that doesn't put other people down," one tells him at an anti-alt-right counterdemonstration last year.
One possibility, when faced with the prospect of a large and potentially violent counterdemonstration, is simply for local law enforcement to do the best it can with its existing resources and personnel.
"Would you support my view that we should, as a council, be more proactive in saying to the police that we should be far more vigorous and oppose these marches?" Around 70 people attended an EDL rally in the city in September 2017, which was met by around 600 joining a simultaneous Newcastle Unites counterdemonstration.
The last 'big' EDL rally in Newcastle in 2017 was attended by about 70 people who were faced with a counterdemonstration of almost 10 times that many.
Caption: A member of the "Hell-Shaking Preachers" from southern Washington joined Patriot Prayer's counterdemonstration at the second Women's March in Seattle.
Amid fears of violence, Scotland Yard placed restrictions on the march as well as on a counterdemonstration organised by Labour supporters and antifascists.
'But they were always in the hundreds and the counterdemonstration was always bigger,' Mayor Ludwig said.
Therefore, this article offers an analysis of how LN leaders and militants contributed to the consolidation of a hegemonic interpretation of immigration, while also accounting for the proimmigrant and antiracist discourse that emerged through the counterdemonstration. The main questions leading my analysis are the following: How was anti-immigrationism constructed on Twitter in preparation for and during the march?
Activist Ronny Cameron, who helped organize the event, said that the counterdemonstration misrepresented the point of his rally.
Criticism of the Army and the planned protest were met with calls for a counterdemonstration from relatives of Army servicemen and others.
| Clockwise from top, Britain First supporters march through Birmingham; the rival United Against Fascism counterdemonstration; a young UAF supporter with a poster; Jayda Fransen, of Britain First, speaking at the rally; and police shrouded in smoke from a green flare