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Virginia Beach, VA, September 03, 2019 --( ERII today announced a limited number of tickets remain available for the 2019 Annual ERII Counterespionage Conference.
The director-general of the intelligence ministry's counterespionage department said in a press conference in Tehran on Monday that the detained spies had been trained by the CIA and were captured inside the country.
The official did not give his name, but he was identified as the counterespionage department director of Iran's Intelligence Ministry.  
He was first assigned as a team chief and then Chief of the Counterespionage Section in the Wurzburg, Germany, Field Office, 511th Military Intelligence (MI) Battalion, 66th MI Group.
Although the Intelligence Ministry has on many occasions stated that its counterespionage department is the sole authority to decide on the fate of people suspected of spying for foreign governments, the Pasdar Intelligence Organization has often arrested and interrogated espionage suspects.
Google (GOOG, GOOGL) has established an in-house counterespionage team, the Threat Analysis Group, which is staffed partly by former government agents in an effort to battle hackers and bolster cybersecurity defenses amid increasing nation-state hacks, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing executives.The 27-person team, which comes as tech companies like Facebook (FB) and Microsoft (MSFT) form groups to keep criminals away from personal data online, tracks over 200 hacker groups that pose a threat to Google and its users by analyzing hacking techniques and clues to the groups' identities to ward off attacks.
LEEDS got caught cold in a counterespionage sting as 'Spygate' came back to bite them.
This law-enforcement approach to counterespionage requires public disclosure of sensitive information, something that intelligence agencies often resist.
The almost inevitable loss resulting from Pieter's choice makes Francis reassess his choices, resulting in Francis being trained in counterespionage and dropped behind the battle lines to help organise the resistance.
Unmasked by counterespionage, at the trial he will discover that Song is not only a spy, but also a man.