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Noun1.counterfactuality - the quality of being contrary to fact
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
factuality, factualness - the quality of being actual or based on fact; "the realm of factuality must be distinguished from the realm of imagination"
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He sees in this proposal a way to explain causation in nature and ground natural necessity that is superior to the appeal to counterfactuality commonly invoked by analytic philosophers to distinguish causation from "merely ordered coincidence.
Part one concludes with Arseniy Vydrin's chapter, which surveys the expression of counterfactuality in New Iranian languages.
The language of rationalization converts counterfactuality to truth.
The typology of lexical negation is based on Martin Arista (2010b) and relies basically on lexical category: privation requires a nominal base, counterfactuality a verbal base and opposition an adjectival base.
Argues that counterfactuality unites the disparate elements of the story and that Hemingway employs this theme to dramatize the productive tension between possibility and foreclosure in the creation of narrative.
It would appear that the new affective regime of counterfactuality and "felt reality of threat," established by the Bush administration as instruments of intimidation and fear, has received a new lease on life.
To underscore the counterfactuality of this idea, we'll rename him "Dave Pope," and we'll appoint him professor of physics at the University of California at Santa Cruz.
The counterfactual meaning of the avertive rules out the possibility to express factuality by means of context and the need to express counterfactuality by means of context, but the possibility to express the latter remains.
As for the criteria for identifying and labelling hyperbole, so that non-exaggerated uses of words or expressions can be excluded, in the literature the theme of identification has been overlooked or restricted to the counterfactuality or non-veridicality cue (i.
Counterfactuality, BD and ES argue, is a contextually prompted inference, which seems to be the default interpretation of negative-stance forms outside the actual textual context, as it represents the strongest case of epistemic distance.
Projecting either world involves the question in a movement of counterfactuality, or in a movement counter to the facts as presented.