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Political and military strategy or action intended to oppose and forcefully suppress insurgency.

coun′ter·in·sur′gent n.
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(Military) of or relating to counterinsurgency
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Adj.1.counterinsurgent - of or relating or characteristic of actions taken by a government to defeat insurgency
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The truism that the counterinsurgent loses if he does not win, but the insurgent wins if he does not lose, is indicative of this.
"We observed the training that was there, which was good training, but what we wanted to do was give it more robust counterinsurgent information," Johnson said.
Schiffer also conducts persistent and highly effective counterinsurgent sweeps, called rastrellamentos, through the mountainous wilderness, netting several of Chappell's men--and Chappell himself.
Arie Amit, a retired Israeli General and a seasoned counterinsurgent, told an audience in Washington, D.C., that the U.S.
(57) As a result, the local population's perception of both the insurgent and counterinsurgent is the primary concern.
Accordingly, counterinsurgency does not require killing as many of the enemy as possible or retaking all the contested territory, but rather winning the population over to the state's or counterinsurgent's side.
I argue that, while personally held individual-level motivations for attacks play a role, the underlying and systematic root cause of the relative increase in these attacks is a lack of counterinsurgent control over the territory and population of Afghanistan.
As noted above, the limitations on the capabilities of the SDF as a counterinsurgent force and the slow pace of their push southward along the Euphrates into Deir ez-Zor afforded the Islamic State opportunities to preserve fighters and establish sleeper cells on the east side of the river.
I claim that this counterinsurgent project was produced as a strategic response to the crisis of US hegemony and of Jim Crow, and it included a political-ideological struggle to legitimate the crushing of Black freedom, radical labor, and socialist internationalist movements.
Under the terms of the award, CACI will research, evaluate, and assess intelligence information; integrate all-source intelligence relevant to counterinsurgent networks; and create intelligence products in support of INSCOM's National Ground Intelligence Center and national security priorities.
counterinsurgent actor will eventually grow weary of the conflict when
He describes Lansdale as "a shrewd observer and operator," "canny strategist," "virtuoso politico-military adviser," "master of political warfare and propaganda," "master of psychology," "counterinsurgent par excellence," and "singular visionary." His record of accomplishment, writes Boot, was "rivaled only by that of T.E.

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