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The counterpoised rifle stock has particular application in the benchrest rifle.
As she notes, a deeper understanding of environmental regulation and Islamic law can be usefully advanced by an examination of historical context, especially in cases where ecological and social sustainability are counterpoised. As such, this article offers explication on religion and the environment as well as pointing towards the developing scholarship of the environmental history of the Middle East.
His story is a social account of what RAF fliers lived through during the war years counterpoised against the horrors of combat.
This white flower captures the duality of apricot counterpoised with supple leather.
The balance disappeared; the self was no longer counterpoised by the other.
Internal action is not visually interesting, and needs to be counterpoised with creative and dynamic staging.
where every peace is counterpoised by strife?--where
Throughout the production, Maraden carefully counterpoised the power of male aggression with the power of domesticity centered in female strength and virtue.
Harris describes the broad pattern of social change in Leichhardt but he also effectively criticises earlier scholarship and polemic that counterpoised an inherently virtuous 'working class' to a self-interested 'middle class'.
The ultimately "uncontainable" (150) skepticism of Lear is counterpoised, in the final chapter, by the affirmations of faith found in second half of The Winter's Tale, and all the plays are said to be about the "search for certainty" in the face of a skeptical response to the world (171).