(koun′tər-prō′grăm, -grəm)
v. coun·ter·pro·grammed, coun·ter·pro·gram·ming, coun·ter·pro·grams or coun·ter·pro·gramed or coun·ter·pro·gram·ing
To schedule (a television or radio program) so as to compete or contrast with a program broadcast simultaneously on another station.
To engage in such scheduling.
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And just in case anybody thought the enormous discord between boxing's top two promotional companies had abated, Schaefer said this weekend might not be the last time they counterprogram each other in Las Vegas.
"We have to counterprogram, so we went after [black] talent in a big way," Mike Sullivan, UPN Entertainment's president, told Entertainment Weekly last summer.
Distributors who wanted to counterprogram couldn't have done so without exhibitors willing to take their product.
Sagansky's strategy has been to counterprogram demographics (i.e.
And with the school vacation running in late July and throughout August, there will also be opportunities to counterprogram with family fare.
Fantasy baseball meets "Big Brother" in Hindilingo channel India TV's effort to counterprogram the ongoing Intl.
The other alternative channel, Spectrum, features an eight-hour late-afternoon-to-late-night wheel that carefully counterprograms AFN.