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 (koun′tər-prō′grăm, -grəm)
v. coun·ter·pro·grammed, coun·ter·pro·gram·ming, coun·ter·pro·grams or coun·ter·pro·gramed or coun·ter·pro·gram·ing
To schedule (a television or radio program) so as to compete or contrast with a program broadcast simultaneously on another station.
To engage in such scheduling.
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But the move was unusual for Searchlight, which generally stays out of the fall and counterprograms its 'art pics in other seasons.
The other alternative channel, Spectrum, features an eight-hour late-afternoon-to-late-night wheel that carefully counterprograms AFN.
group, with critiques and counterprograms ranging from sharp
A network often counterprograms hit series or heavily promoted miniseries during a sweep period with a theatrical title, hoping the movie's familiarity will keep the competitive shows from dominating the time period.