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A countering attack or blow, especially one delivered by a boxer.
intr.v. coun·ter·punched, coun·ter·punch·ing, coun·ter·punch·es
To deliver a counterpunch.

coun′ter·punch′er n.
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(Boxing) a boxer who waits for an opponent to attack before punching
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Standing in the pocket longer than usual is a dangerous proposition because Thurman is an efficient counterpuncher so for sure, Pacquiao will zip in and out to avoid presenting himself as an easy target.
Yet Trump, forever a counterpuncher, immediately roiled diplomatic docility by tearing into London Mayor Sadiq Khan.
The Magnolia Hotshots Pambansang Manok are not only up 2-1 in the PBA Philippine Cup Finals but are also making the defending champion San Miguel Beermen play the role of a counterpuncher.
Does your opponent force the action, or is he or she a counterpuncher? All important...
'It's more like playing Broner's game which is more of a counterpuncher,' added Kambosos.
"I'm a counterpuncher and I will hit them so hard they'd never been hit like that," he added.
He's committed to being second, a pure counterpuncher." Edge -- Garcia
President Trump has labeled himself as a strong counterpuncher. And indeed, he has shown no hesitation to raise the ante of tariff hikes.
It was a classic counterpuncher's goal, which left their big-money opponents on the floor at both ends.
Spanish counterpuncher Roberto Bautista Agut admitted before the start of the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships that the absence of top stars like Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic had given players like him a golden chance to go deep into the tournament.
Tyson (left, below) was also a counterpuncher, but ferocious too.
He apparently felt that the media had unfairly condemned him for his original remarks and he was going to be the counterpuncher and strike back at the media.