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Coloration of an animal in which the upper side is darker in color than the underside, thought to be a form of camouflage.


(Zoology) (in the coloration of certain animals) a pattern, serving as camouflage, in which dark colours occur on parts of the body exposed to the light and pale colours on parts in the shade


(ˈkaʊn tərˌʃeɪ dɪŋ)

(of an animal) coloration that is dark on parts of the body surface that are usu. exposed to the sun and light on parts usu. in shade.
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Although countershading is common, the findings come as surprise because Borealopelta's size far exceeds that of countershaded animals alive today.
Although they might pertain to the genus Bathypolypus, the smooth dorsal mantle and the distinctly reversed countershaded coloration of these octopuses suggest otherwise.
The pelage coloration in CBF 7620 is strongly countershaded, resembling the description of R.