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Noun1.countersignature - a second confirming signature endorsing a document already signed
signature - your name written in your own handwriting
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The purchaser informs that the countersignature of the treasurer of the municipality will be made on the credit agreement, The bill of exchange, The bill of exchange declaration and the statement of submission to enforcement.
This milestone agreement and the political process that involves its countersignature, bring us to reflect on a major issue not only in the socio-political level but on the organizational dimension: conflict.
In effect, a Shiite deputy enjoys the same powers as the division head, leaving the head unable to appropriate funds or issue directives without his subordinate's countersignature.
Finally, metrics concerning the sub-award process revealed that the largest bottlenecks were centered on the processes of gathering necessary information from a department and waiting for countersignature from the other party.
In September 2014, Gary became the first practicing physiotherapist in Wales to be given the green light to prescribe medicines to patients without the need for a doctor's countersignature.
Also, the physician or the one whose countersignature appears in the questionable entry was not presented to explain the said discrepancies.
Consequently, any interpretation the reader offers as countersignature requires the sort of leap Lance himself makes when he attempts to represent the dialogue between Merlin and Margot.
61) The other issues are a) political participation; b) end of conflict; c) solution of the illegal drug problem; d) victims; and e) implementation, verification and countersignature.
She was also spotted handling residents' money without a witness or countersignature, both of which were required by the home's policy.
2172-2185), the very same manuscripts that (together with the Codex Atlanticus restituted to Italy after 1815) had been "requisitioned" in 1796 by the French state--effectively stolen--from the Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan, at the wish of Napoleon Bonaparte, with the agency of the famous Dominique-Vivant Denon, Director General of the Muse'e Central des Arts (Musee Napoleon), and with the official countersignature of Jacques Pierre Tinet, Directoire agent, Chief War Commisioner Peignon, and others.
For example, an uncashed travelers check would remain in the owner's possession and would demonstrate both his ownership and, through the absence of a countersignature, that he had not previously recovered the deposit from the holder.
Small organizations should at least require countersignature of checks and have bank statements reconciled promptly by someone who doesn't have the authority to deposit or withdraw funds.