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Noun1.countersignature - a second confirming signature endorsing a document already signed
signature - your name written in your own handwriting
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Dealing clerk Muhammad Saleem presented the bills to her for verification before countersignature by the Medical Superintendent (MS).
One with comments annotated at the back of the check from without the candidates' countersignature and the second one without any comments...The form with comments annotated at the back has been filed without his consent or knowledge at a later date and is allegedly falsified and forged."
In effect, a Shiite deputy enjoys the same powers as the division head, leaving the head unable to appropriate funds or issue directives without his subordinate's countersignature.
This obligation resulted from condition that any royal act needed the "countersignature of a Minister through this even becomes responsible for this act".
Finally, metrics concerning the sub-award process revealed that the largest bottlenecks were centered on the processes of gathering necessary information from a department and waiting for countersignature from the other party.
In September 2014, Gary became the first practicing physiotherapist in Wales to be given the green light to prescribe medicines to patients without the need for a doctor's countersignature.
"Also, the physician or the one whose countersignature appears in the questionable entry was not presented to explain the said discrepancies."
TIG's argument concerning the countersignature provision was not preserved in the circuit court and the record was insufficiently developed on that issue.
From this engagement, every interpretation--including, for example, your interpretation of this essay--exists as a "countersignature," one that both confirms the signature of the author at the same time that it "leads it off elsewhere, so running the risk of betraying it" ("This Strange Institution" 69).