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tr.v. coun·ter·sued, coun·ter·su·ing, coun·ter·sues Law
To respond to a lawsuit against oneself by suing (the plaintiff).

coun′ter·suit′ (-so͞ot′) n.


vb (tr)
(Law) law to sue (a plaintiff) in response or opposition to a preceding lawsuit
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com/taylor-swift-sexual-assault-trial-fans-applaud-singers-bravery-twitter-2577122) countersued and won.
COREY LEWANDOWSKI: The ex-Trump campaign manager is countersued by a neighbor over CUs efforts to build a six-stall garage on waterfront property he owns in Windham.
Swift countersued, alleging sexual assault, and is asking for a symbolic $1 judgment.
Swift then countersued for assault and battery, and that became part of the same trial.
Warner Bros countersued, claiming the estate had previously consented.
Senior management refused to negotiate with the Teamsters, did not recognize the integrated seniority list following a Teamster organizing victory in December 2015 and countersued the union without basis.
TransGas countersued, claiming the firm overcharged it for services.
And Schacht has countersued, saying that Judy deceived him into a business deal by claiming to have money that she didn't really have.
Facebook, the largest social-networking service, countersued in April, accusing Yahoo of infringement.
Not to be outdone, Oracle countersued HP for hiding the terms of its contract with Intel.
MGA have countersued Mattel, claiming the firm spied on them at toy fairs.
MLB had countersued, saying it backed out of a letter of intent to renew the beer contract because Anheuser-Busch withheld "the material fact that A-B was about to sign a promotional rights agreement with the National Football League.