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tr.v. coun·ter·sued, coun·ter·su·ing, coun·ter·sues Law
To respond to a lawsuit against oneself by suing (the plaintiff).

coun′ter·suit′ (-so͞ot′) n.
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vb (tr)
(Law) law to sue (a plaintiff) in response or opposition to a preceding lawsuit
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But the 59-year-old DJ David Mueller -- fired after she reported him for groping her -- sued for defamation, so she countersued for sexual assault.
Four months later, Moore later countersued her and other accusers.
A franchise owner in Delaware, where one of the lawsuits is taking place, has countersued Dunkin', claiming it did not have the opportunity to "correct the violations," while also contending that the company is looking to resell their stores "without providing the operator with compensation, ( Restaurant Business reports.
Kazakhstan denies the allegations, says the arbitration was won through fraud, and has countersued in several countries.
According to the Roanoke (Va.) Times, Andy Bitter, who covered Virginia Tech football for the publication, has countersued the newspaper's parent company, BH Media Group.
American rapper Cardi B has countersued her former manager for $15 million (Dh55 million), claiming he exploited her and was trying to take full control of her life.
Carrey denied the claims and countersued in September, claiming the lawsuit was an attempt to exploit his fame and fortune.
COREY LEWANDOWSKI: The ex-Trump campaign manager is countersued by a neighbor over CUs efforts to build a six-stall garage on waterfront property he owns in Windham.
She, in turn, countersued for the assault, demanding $1 (77p) if she won.
The pop star countersued, alleging sexual assault, and is asking for a symbolic one dollar judgment.
Swift then countersued for assault and battery, and that became part of the same trial.
Warner Bros countersued, claiming the estate had previously consented.